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  1. I ideally don't want it just for freeview/freesat though. I'd like to put the Sky Q card into the old Sky+ HD box and continue getting all of the premium channels i'm paying for. I think that's where the problem will arise.
  2. Thankyou. It appears the user in question didn't actually "cancel" their contract, it seems like it just expired and the box became a freesat box. Sky have agreed to send an engineer next monday to install the Hybrid LNB free of charge and the person I spoke to said it would be an idea to try rhe card in my old box to see if it works, which I will. I'm not expecting it to, but it's worth a try. Under the circumstances, the LNB being replaced really is the best I can hope for.
  3. Interestingly, I've also been told just a few hours ago that the "core TV" services of Sky Q cannot be "terminated with penalty" - basically that you cannot pay an early termination fee and exit the contract.
  4. Thankyou both for your replies. I won't multi-quote because that's just stupid @BankFodder After some thought, I think i'd like them, ideally, to replace the LNB with the Hybrid one free of charge. I wasn't given this opportunity at the point of installation so I think it's probably the least they can do. It's something I plan to talk to them about tomorrow. @unclebulgaria67 The extent of my conversation with the Sky engineer went something like this .. Engineer: "Do you want a new dish?" Me: "Yes please" The dish I had was nearly ten
  5. I went from Virgin Media to Sky Q earlier this year as I wasn't a great fan of Tivo and was keen to try Sky Q. When it was installed, I was offered the chance to replace my aging (ten year old) dish which I accepted. In the last few days, I've come to the conclusion that Sky Q isn't for me and that I'd ideally like to downgrade it at the end of my contract to go back to using my old Sky+ HD box, which I still have. Much to my surprise, I subsequently found out that the LNB on my dish would not be compatible as Q uses a special "wide band" LNB and the older boxes do no
  6. I appreciate the response but we're looking at other avenues now to tackle this issue. I still think it's wholly unfair that your rights are simply summarily removed as soon as children enter the equation, but this appears to be the norm and people who don't have to live with it usually don't really get it either.
  7. My mum lives on the first floor of a three storey building and is almost 80. The housing association she rents from have moved in a single mother with a child above her and she is going through hell with the noise and it's making her ill. The woman has had people coming in doing DIY at all hours - 7:45pm tonight - and her children are often up at 6am, and sometimes earlier, which wakes my mum (and sister, who lives with her) up and they are unable to get back to sleep due to the noise. They're often also running around late at night as well so mum has to wait until almost 10pm and
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