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  1. Thanks Uncle Bulgaria. It's a bit tricky, as we will be *required* to change insurance when we move into the house in two weeks (currently it's landlord insurance, we'll need homeowner's insurance). We are using the same company, but perhaps should double check the underwriter is also the same. Given that we haven't seen any reports or been officially informed of any subsidence on the neighbour's side, and we have a structural inspection report from 2014 that doesn't mention subsidence on our side, it seems like we're asking for trouble if we raise it now, no? Once we move i
  2. I'm looking for some wise advice from those more experienced than I with insurance and subsidence claims. Our house (circa 1890 semi-detached) is on a small slope and had some evidence of small "historical" movements when we bought it 20 years ago. Very little has changed since, and a structural engineer didn't mention subsidence in an inspection 4 years ago. However, it seems the neighbour's house has developed cracks near the party wall in the last few years, and they seem to suspect OUR house is to blame as we are further down the (small) incline. They say they have inspection reports
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