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  1. The date of enforcement is 17/04/18. I have spoke to them today and the least they will take is £2600 up front with the balance payable within 4 weeks after. So as you say not very generous. I have made a complaint to the court today and requested the enforcement is paused or stopped. See what happens.
  2. Hi, This is my first post here and need some advice please - Had a letter given to me by mum yesterday which I opened to see it was from marstons and a notice of enforcement for HMCTS for £8,900.00. I was given a £11,600 fine last year for a VAT debt from the magistrates ( was to do with no giving security at the time) which was a £500 fine and £11,100 compensation. I have been paying this fine and was being paid every month, I believe the last couple or maybe just 1 (need to check) haven't gone out for some reason. Obviously debt has already gone down by £1700.00 since
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