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  1. I have had a few phones after i purchased the television. I I did state to them that if i had been so far in arrears would they have let me have more items with the last item being from mid 2017
  2. Thank you very much. I just cannot wait to get the stress over with; appreciate everyone's advice
  3. I did actually record him stating that the CAB (citizens advice) would have no way of helping me as they are a 3rd party and also him saying that they cannot give a copy of contracts or payment information to me and also that the customer support for brighthouse is only a contact centre and cannot help in any way (I was unsure of the law regarding recording someone so i did inform him)
  4. The item in question was purchased 3 years prior in 2014 so it would be unusual to execute it 3 years later would it not . The date they have given is one month after the date the actual contract would of finished
  5. Thank you i am going to send a CCA Request in the morning. The chap who had called around was rather intimidating and had even placed his foot infront of my door which i guess is in case i closed it. I had told him that i was currently in discussion with customer support and explained the situation and he had replied that those i contacted are only a contact centre and he will keep calling around Thank you for confirming that i should send a CCA Request. i had not known of this until today
  6. Is that not big enough a problem but apart from that it is to see if i had understood what it meant by "date of execution of agreement". Also its just another case to show the blatant attempt to rip a customer off. When i challenged the rep who called around he even claimed that when contacting brighthouse through the website it is just a contact centre One other question i have is if i request a copy of the contracts do they have to send a copy of the original contract which holds my signature ? as the ones they had last sent a while ago had no signatures Im sorry i am really
  7. Is anyone able to confirm if the date of executed agreement means the date they would be claiming the agreement was taken out. For me it does seem like it would have too but confirmation would make me more certain thank you in advance
  8. Hi i have just read up on how to send a CCA request which il go about doing. The T.V was £23.00 a week for 156 weeks and was an LG 55 inch TV. We had originally ordered a 3d TV for around the same price but then for some reason they could not get for us so they gave this one thank you and sorry for my unclear post, I am not very good with explaining in detail while keeping things clear
  9. hi and thank you for your reply The complaint is regarding a t.v we had from them in 2014 which should of been paid up last november but they suddenly claim we owe £1000+ on even though we never missed it and we even received a "we owe you refund payment" on a couple of months ago. They have failed to send a copy of the contract when asked and have not replied to my emails My question is on the statements it says the "date of executed agreement - 21-11-2017" does that mean they claim thats when we took the contract out? i have receipts showing payments well before that if so O
  10. Good afternoon I currently have an ongoing complaint which has recently progressed to a complaint being made to the financial-ombudsman. I recently received some letters from bright house regarding a late payment fee which say's on all 3 letters that the date of Agreement being 21-11-2017. Is this the actual day they claim the agreement/contract was made? As One of the items is a Television id took an agreement on in november 2014 and should of been paid of by now but which they claim over £1000 is owing on When challenged about this i stated that we had items 2-3 yea
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