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  1. Have a new date in the next month or so Will let you know if the First Trust remember i am alive and actually do something Eratu13
  2. No reply from the court yet am going to give them to friday and get back in touch with the clerk there to see what is happening. eratu13
  3. Glad to hear someone else getting after the First Trust Keep at them mate they are a bunch of ******s and I know how you feel, they are a bunch of patronising gits. Check out the belfast telegraph tonight there is a load of stuff about bank charges and last week the mirror ran an article saying that the FT have set u a specific department to deal with these complaints. Good Luck Eratu13
  4. I have written to the court asking for my case to be heard it had been delayed by the judge awaiting the OFT report due at the end of march.The OFT has fudged it and the report is not due until the end of the year. There is no way I am prepared to wait that long. The case was delayed 2 days before it was due to be heard in January. I have contacted the court office and they have advised me that they will put the letter before the judge and I should hear something in the next 2 weeks. Eratu13
  5. Just wanted to wish you all good luck. Hopefully this will set the legal precedent we need to force the banks to behave better towards it customers. Sincerest best wishes eratu13
  6. Merchantile Court hearing tomorrow in england for 40 or so test cases if and when its wins , it will be interesting tosee the banks reaction over here.
  7. Dave, hang in there keep at it the more people on board against the First Trust the better, its easy to ignore one person harder to ignore 10. hopefully a precedent will be set in the merchantile courts tomorrow which will make this easier for everyone Eratu13
  8. Hang in there, they want people to get frustrated and give up every one who does saves them money. I started this process nearly 6 months ago and I am not even close to bored yet. The thing is its costing them money now not us, as once it gets to the court stage you can 8% interest to your claim or go down the contractual rate of interest route which costs them even more. Whatever time you thought this would take treble it and if you get money earlier its a bonus. Also as you may be aware small claims rulings can not make legal precedent and thats why the banks go down this route constantly to drag things out, but the Judges are getting more and more frustrated with this flagrant abuse of the legal system when the law is so clear. As a result many cases in england have been referred to The Merchantile Court by the judges in small claims , there is a hearing with 40 or more cases tomorrow. If it wins and I pray it does it will make a legal precedent that the banks will have grave difficulty overcoming and ignoring and they may be forced to settle earlier as it is likely further attempts to delay will infuriate the judiciary even more as a clear legal precedent has been set.You can follow threads about this in the subsection of the general forum, merchantile courts Good Luck Eratu13
  9. The fence people, do as much reading as possible as the saying goes "Fail to prepare,prepare to fail". I have pmed you some more details as others have said these forums are read by the banks so its sometimes best to keep you powder dry and not always let them know what you are thinking or your next course of action. But stay the course dont be put off the longer they delay the more interest you get. Whatever time you think it will take treble it and if it ends sooner its a nice surprise. Good Luck Eratu13
  10. they had no difficulty cashing my cheque lol. what does the rest of the letter say? does it say they have acknowledged your request and are processing it? If they havnt send again by recorded delivery make it a postal order (date of issue is on it) keep postal order stub and record of recorded delivery if they still refuse to comply, you need to put in a breech of data protection act letter. you can find guidance regarding this in FAQ's. hope this helps Eratu13
  11. Thanks for the kind words. Expect a long battle with the First Trust who have adopted the ostrich defence which involves burying their heads in the sand getting their legal team to draw things out as long as they can by abusing the court system and hoping you go away. Other people have been paid put but First trust always drag it out as long as possible.Stick to your timetable don't adopt their's. good luck eratu13
  12. Good luck mate the more the merrier they have had it their way far to long Eratu13
  13. most of the northern ireland posts are in the other institutions section. I am currently claiming against first trust too, so good luck. Eratu13
  14. I know of at least 2 people who have been successful against First Trust, they settled out of court but the people had to sign confidentiality agreements my claim was due to be heard on the 8th of the month but was adjourned as the Judge wants to wait for report from OFT at end of March. Hopefully when the claims in the merchantile court are heard in February a precedent will be set and they will start to settle. Eratu13
  15. I know for a fact they closed other persons accounts that claimed against them and would assume they would close all accounts. I would set up a parachute account to be on the safe side. Also when I opened a new account with another bank they refused to give my details to my new bank as I had an overdraft, so you can expect them to be awkward. Eratu13
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