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  1. I see from the site that they offer a 'satisfaction guarantee' and a full refund within 21days if you are not happy...
  2. You don't think she will be eating a cheese n pickle seeing as they haven't won a single case yet? I think it's a reference to lawyer payscales ;0)
  3. GAH! Manager's face was a picture, so was the teller's...tried to fob me off with 6 days clearance cos it's a large cheque, but I pointed out that this would be the day before disclosure was due and I wasn't going to discontinue until the £££'s are in the account. Suddenly 3 days is acceptable. OKAY. Asked about new charges, apparently B.M. is only allowed to authorise £50 refund...HA! Quick call to TMcL in order tomorrow, I think. Nipped into Sainsbury to grab a couple steaks and bottle of posh pop to celebrate, only to discover I left my card at home!! AAAArgh! lol Oh well...the weekend is looming! Time to kick out the jams. Big respect and much gratitude for all those involved in this with me, notably - GlennUK Livelylad Mcuth T4FF Sparkie Willow and various others who have consoled and supported throughout.... Going to have a few weeks off before I am back for round's 2-4 (pre 6 years personal account, wife's old NatWest account and an old business account I've found a stack of statements for.) Will find time to scan all relevant documents into the thread for completeness. Donation to follow. Thanks ALL! Phil
  4. Isn't it amazing how labour saving devices usually end up taking as long to set-up and use as just doing it hand-draulically? Given up on the scanner now, so here's the short-hand version. You'll all have to excuse me, because I now have to drive 25 miles for the pleasure of waving the cheque in my bank managers face while asking him to refund to £240 additional charges applied since I started. Poor me....muwhahahahahaaaaa
  5. Big announcement shortly.....
  6. Hi sparks...just spent an hour catching up on yours and paulwltons threads. Cheers for the pointer on SoF btw, been looking for info/guidance on that.
  7. Just starting up helping a mate who is a bit beyond computers, will be posting info here for him. Bombs away, round 1.
  8. Quick update for those watching... Received General Form of Judgement following case conference meeting, dated 30 May. I have completed my witness statement and my own Standard Disclosure was submitted as per the original date (although Cobblers deny receipt! But hey, they managed to lose 2 pages of the schedule so it could be in the same pile as them.) I now have a deep sense of resignation about the possible outcome of this case. Something is brewing here, I feel.
  9. Nothing yet..and I've been a bit busy with work to phone/mither them. Not had court order outcome from Friday's conference either...so their 28days hasn't even started yet I would imagine. It's very frustrating because we thought we would have a cheque banked by now.... Still looking for guidance on 'Statement of Facts' though....
  10. No legal background, just LOTS of assistance from our very capable MODS and members. Particular thanks to GlenUK, lively, mcuth, sparkie and various others. However...not over the final hurdle yet, I'm still concerned with the Solicitors comment that the bank was scrutinising the schedule, not for the charges themselves, but for the cause of each charge. And no, the Judge gave no indication of when they would pay - no way he could know - and yes I expect it will be another eleventh hour job. All the more annoying because they've been telling me for 3 weeks to expect the cheque any day.... Thanks all. Phil
  11. Well, a fairly eventful morning. Managed to be late for the hearing because of a RTA about 6 cars in front of me on the way.... No problem, I got to see the Judge who accepted my apologies and informed me that he assumed from my correspondance I had no intention of dropping this and figured something has occurred to delay me. Thank Dog for common sense! The upshot is...they now have another 28days to submit SD. They also applied to have the court window moved out a month which was denied. Judge explained that they are getting more of these cases now, they are getting accustomed to the bank tactics and was well aware the bank are unlikely to actually go to trial. Directions are to follow, at which point the trial date will be set. Judge has also told me the original case was to be for 2 hrs due to the Limitation issues, he now feels this should be no more than 1 hr because of the arguments put forward.
  12. Okay I've now got several copies of T&C. Thanks to all. Thing is, not one of them says anywhere specifically about charges as they relate to breach of contract. Do I need something else here? Or are these documents sufficient to satisfy the lack that was the main sticking point of the Lloyd's case?
  13. Yes please mate, we have premier so I am sure it can't hurt email in ur pm box in just a mo. Thanks MUCHO
  14. **URGENT** The T&C document I was waiting for turns out to be for the Royalties Services. Does anyone have a copy of old T&C that can be scanned/mailed to me?
  15. Thanks all. I'm off to soak my head in the freezer for an hour or two before the cloud of doom that is Mrs Hydra comes in from work.....
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