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  1. Hi again, Appears the address change was noted and they've decided to use a different firm? Do I need to actually respond to this one? Thanks in advance. Letter.pdf
  2. Hi there, Couple of things - it's been a fair while of having debt collection letters through every 4-6 weeks or so. Have just had a letter (attached) through from Gladstones Solicitors which appears to essentially be the same as the debt recovery letters (i.e. no actual court action as yet). I presume I just need to sit on this until they actually take the case on? Additionally I am looking to move house in the near future - I'm aware I need to ensure that whoever is chasing me has my latest contact details so I don't get a CCJ against me without knowing - how is b
  3. Apologies - have not been able to carry out as extensive reading as I perhaps should have - wasn't fully aware of the distinction between the debt recovery letter and the letter I should expect at some point from their lawyers. I have a bit of free time this weekend (for the first time in a while!) so will have a look at some other posts. Thanks for your help so far & apologies again for my current ignorance!
  4. Hi ericsbrother, So I ignore it and wait until I hear again then? Thanks
  5. Whoops, I wasn't aware of that, no! Thanks! Re-edited and attached as a PDF. DR+.pdf
  6. Hi again, just had this through the post today (sorry about the poor lighting), what do I reply with? Thanks in advance!
  7. Presume I wait for them to try take it further and come back here then?
  8. Hiya, Just got a rejection through the post as attached. It seems odd to me that they deny the opportunity for the keeper to appeal, but in any case - any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance.
  9. Ok, that's great, thanks - will draft a letter saying that and post it next time I'm near a post box! Will be back on here when they reject the appeal... P.S. I often think my parents don't deserve my visits!
  10. Came home to find the below on my doormat...do I appeal to the IAS?
  11. Tenancy agreement, no mention of parking. Also from tenancy agreement Parents are unhappy to contact HA on this as they are concerned it might harm their tenancy...think am unlikely to be able to persuade otherwise... Does implementing the parking enforcement constitute a change to their agreement? If so this surely can't be made without expressed agreement from the tenants (my parents)?
  12. Ok, I have my parents back on looking for the tenancy agreement - they have a handbook which doesn't mention parking anywhere. What exactly do I need to get the 'rents to ask the HA for? the letter confirming that they had engaged the services of a parking enforcement company? You say I should ignore an see what they do, but also not to sit on it - presume that's if I get any more correspondence? Of course if I get anything more I'll be straight back on here! Hopefully have some tenancy agreement info in the next day or so. Thanks
  13. Sorry it's taken a while - sign attached, can't locate the tenancy agreement unfortunately.
  14. Ta! I did indeed, and it all made perfect sense...
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