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  1. Hi guys we received now another one from this octopus company this time email like statement. They are saying that the bill is 411 £ and as he got no direct debit to pay online by card. Unbelievable the guy never has been their customer.
  2. She told me they never used octopus before neither here to her current adress or the previous adress. the previous adress they had pre payment meter not contract. At current adress she said they are the first occupiers.
  3. Is addressed to my sister's partner name and the adress they are living currently.
  4. Hi uncle bulgaria the company name is Octopus energy. They moved address but they never had have used this company and don't own old bills. The letter says that if thry don't take action they may apply for permitting entry to local magistrates court to obtain a warrant of entry to your premises to Install pre payment meter where necessary.
  5. Hi dx thank you very much they used to send letters before but now someone come to give the letter to the house. The letter says if you don't take action they will apply to local magistrates for permitting entry to the house and install pre payment meter. My sister never used this energy company or own money to any company for gas or electricity.
  6. Hi there I hope someone can help me. Today my sisters partner received letter from debt collector that he owes gas and electricity bill of 363.7 pound which they never had been used this company for gas and electricity he don't own anything to anyone and I don't recognize the debt. The debt collection is Churchill Recovery solution limited . He wasn't at home but someone else opened the door and the collector give him the letter. Please if someone can help give advice on what we should do? Thanks very much in advance
  7. Hi Slick 132 i received another one email from CRS. We're writing to you again to try and reach a resolution to your account. In an attempt to resolve this for you, we are able to offer two options that we hope you will consider accepting. 1. We are able to accept a reduced settlement of £84. This would result in £84 being written off the balance. Alternatively, 2. If you wish to rejoin Golds Gym on a new 12 month membership, we are able to lower the settlement figure to just £85! You would need to rejoin and ensure the first month cleared before the rest of this debt is cancelled, but we believe this would be a fantastic way forward. Please call us on 01444 449165 in order to discuss this further and get your account cleared If neither of these are acceptable to you, the balance of £168 will remain due. What do you think? Thank you )))))
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