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  1. Hi Slick 132 i received another one email from CRS. We're writing to you again to try and reach a resolution to your account. In an attempt to resolve this for you, we are able to offer two options that we hope you will consider accepting. 1. We are able to accept a reduced settlement of £84. This would result in £84 being written off the balance. Alternatively, 2. If you wish to rejoin Golds Gym on a new 12 month membership, we are able to lower the settlement figure to just £85! You would need to rejoin and ensure the first month cleared before the rest of this debt is cancelled, but we believe this would be a fantastic way forward. Please call us on 01444 449165 in order to discuss this further and get your account cleared If neither of these are acceptable to you, the balance of £168 will remain due. What do you think? Thank you )))))
  2. Hi guys after long time of no letters or text today I get new text saying : Your account has now been returned to us by the Zinc group. Please call CRS today on 01444 449165 in order to discuss resolution of your account. What i should do? Thank you very much in advance .
  3. Hi guys after long time again I received email in my spam from CRS. What I should do? Ignore or send letter? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi dx yes the only one case is with gold gym I missed last payment. But last summer I remember now I received one letter saying to contact for some bill for utility's they said I owe but I ignored because I dont owe money to anyone anything. I forget who sent it.. I always been tenant and paying my bilss. Should be mistake. Maybe this advantis calling about it. I really get annoyed now as I dont owe anything expect gold gym. (((
  5. Hi slick.... is very strange then because I dont owe money or dept to anyone only this case with gold gym. Who is advantis?
  6. Thanks dx I will keep ignoring then.
  7. Hi guys since 2 days someone calling me from different numbers and I checked it says advantis debt collectors. It is another one agency or? I dint pick up the phone. Very annoying.
  8. Hi slick I received another one email from zinc saying: Dear Sir / Madam, In order to close your account our client (CRS on behalf of Golds Gym) has agreed to accept a one off payment of �£126.00 (the current balance on your account is �£168.00.) Keep ignoring them or?
  9. Hi slick I received this email from zinc. : ear Sir / Madam, I am now your allocated Customer Account Manager and have been assigned your CRS on behalf of Golds Gym account (Zinc Reference *******.) Please can I ask that you call me on 0141 230 9101, visit WeWantToSayYes.co.uk to update your account or email me by return to confirm receipt of this message, I am here to help you so please don't hesitate to ask if you need anything. I send the letter you suggested about my new adress. to harlands. Will keep ignoring?? ))
  10. Hi slick I will send the letter today or tomorrow. Thank you
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