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  1. Just received a call they’ve left a voicemail saying it’s intrums legal department and to call them back quoting ref blah blah
  2. It didn’t look to kosher or serious to me but thought I’d check
  3. Just received this Intrum 23 sept .pdf
  4. Not the court ringing my house them threatening court yes on credit file but never my mobile this debt ain’t been on my file for years. Even when I was paying Tesco a small amount per month
  5. Cos they are saying about court ringing the house and somehow they also have my mobile and have rung me on that today too
  6. You don’t think it’s anything to worry about then?? They’ve been ringing frequently too. No answered but they’ve left voicemails
  7. Just received this A0B15C3F-9028-431F-AC61-2D29A06CB8D5.pdf
  8. Ok thanks for putting my mind at ease.
  9. This is what I’ve just received in post today Intrum 23 aug.pdf
  10. Only what’s in post 22 fro intrum last week
  11. What else should be there?? Cos if it’s all above board and intrum have supplied everything correctly then surely I need to set up a payment even if it’s only £1 like Tesco were having last going off
  12. As they have now provided the CCA?
  13. I deleted them as I couldn’t upload new ones Intrum.pdf yes Tesco sent same before Tesco_CCA.pdf Shall I start making payment to Intrum
  14. Here goes Feb 2009 stat and jan 2019 Tesco stat.pdf
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