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  1. No im on a decent wage, and wouldnt qualify for the benefit. I offered to pay a few grand today, but it was 4k or nothing! The court told me today the figure was £155?
  2. And the Avoidance Notice is what was in my letterbox yesterday? It says nothing else, just the baillifs number and a new figure of £4100 - it doesnt say why the figure has gone up or how. It doesnt give me a baillifs name or anything, just a signature.
  3. I appreciate an honest approach much more than I would a cotton wool approach Yes - there were letters being sent to us, which I dealt with via phone. I argued for over a year that the electric meter could not be accessed. It was a mile away in a field, surrounded by barbed wire and cattle and I didnt know where to look. I had visits from at least 5 swalec meter readers who complained that they couldnt find or couldnt access the meter - how was I meant to monitor my useage to see if swalecs costs were right? Swalec said that on my appliances and house size that my average useage should be in the region of £43 a month, however their actual reading put this amount at over £170 a month. That just isnt reasonable. During my arguements with Swalec over this it was sent to a ccj. I cannot ever remember getting this CCJ, i did not attend court, and the first I really knew was a letter from HCEOs to my new property. Potentially I missed a hold host of legal letters when i moved home. Does that make sense? Do you think I would be better off not applying for an n244? And do you have experience with filling in N244s? Thanks
  4. This applies to the vast majority of judgments, the exception being where it is a judgment arising from a regulated agreement under the Consumer Credit Act. Currently, these may not be transferred to the High Court for enforcement by an HCEO. - thesherrifsoffice.com Information: consumer-credit regulated debts Your creditor cannot enforce your judgment in the High Court if the debt is covered by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. - nationaldebtline
  5. I fully appreciate what you're saying, and im not disputing that I owe money, but im disputing the fact that I owe whats being requested. My argument is that Swalec have not provided me with any proof that I have used this electric they are asking for, and while I was disputing this with them and asking for advice they registered the CCJ. We then moevd properties and the next thing I know I have a letter regarding a high court writ.. If a stay is not granted, what can I actually do? I dont have 4k to pay them. I cannot get 4k to pay them. I have no goods of any value. What is the end result of this situation where I have nothing to give them, and nothing they can take? I tried agreeing a payment plan but they said no
  6. Hi everyone Ive been advised to complete an N244 and email to the court tonight, and then pay the £155 fee tomorrow. The court advised me this would stop enforcement action until the judge has seen the n244 which would be next week. Does anyone know if this is true? Also - is anyone on here in a position to advise on how I should be filling the form out, what I should say etc.... Lastly - does anyone know if a swalec debt would fall under the consumer credit act? Just wondering as obviously if it does then it should never have gone to a high court Thanks Everyone
  7. Sorry for confusion. The debt was 2900 Yesterday the notice said I owed 4k Today I was told another visit will add over a grand again
  8. Thabks for the response. I'm waiting for my local court to open at 9am at which point I will see about getting an emergency appointment. I'm not too worried about them visiting when I'm at home, I have little to no good of value, and my car is a company vehicle. However there are goods at the address of value which do not belong to me, and if I'm not there to prove that then I do worry they could attempt to seize them To add £2500 to a £2900 debt for 2 visits seems like utter madness Thanks again to the good people on here who help take the stress out of normal peoples lives
  9. I have spoken to the officer today who has said unless I pay the full amount this morning he will return, force entry and remove goods while I'm in work. Can a n244 be rushed through? Any help here hugely appreciated Oh yeah and 1k added for yesterday's visit, was told another would be added today!!!
  10. Hi Everyone - hopefully the good people of this forum can help. Between december 2013 and november 2015 i lived in a 3 bedroom small property with oil central heating. The electric meter for this property is not situated at the property, but some mile away in a field, via another field. When we moved in we werent able to take a meter reading, and subsequently couldnt for the 2 years we were there. Swalec managed an actual reading at the end of 2015 having not done one for many many years, and came up with a figure of £2900+ for the 2 years useage! I tried arguing this with them, but subsequently had a ccj issued, which was then transfered to the high court. I was not at the property as I have moved, and may have missed some of the correspondance. I fully admit that we do owe money for electric, however £3k for 2 years in a small property... impossible! It is now at the stage where at my new property ive received a visit from someone - i was out so i dont know if a bailiff or court officer (is there a difference) Is the writ that was issued at my previous address still valid for my new address? How can i go about getting this set aside in order for me to put my case in front of a court. I feel that swalecs negligence is partially to blame in all of this. Hoping someone can help, I have a pregnant fiance who has lost our last 2 and a lovely little 5yo who could really do without this stress. Thanks
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