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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Everyone - hopefully the good people of this forum can help. Between december 2013 and november 2015 i lived in a 3 bedroom small property with oil central heating. The electric meter for this property is not situated at the property, but some mile away in a field, via another field. When we moved in we werent able to take a meter reading, and subsequently couldnt for the 2 years we were there. Swalec managed an actual reading at the end of 2015 having not done one for many many years, and came up with a figure of £2900+ for the 2 years useage! I tried arguing this with them, but subsequently had a ccj issued, which was then transfered to the high court. I was not at the property as I have moved, and may have missed some of the correspondance. I fully admit that we do owe money for electric, however £3k for 2 years in a small property... impossible! It is now at the stage where at my new property ive received a visit from someone - i was out so i dont know if a bailiff or court officer (is there a difference) Is the writ that was issued at my previous address still valid for my new address? How can i go about getting this set aside in order for me to put my case in front of a court. I feel that swalecs negligence is partially to blame in all of this. Hoping someone can help, I have a pregnant fiance who has lost our last 2 and a lovely little 5yo who could really do without this stress. Thanks
  2. Reported in the Daily Mail. Kelloggs apparently paid little tax in 2013, due to some loophole which companies use legally to avoid tax. They has revenues of about £600 million in the year. Apparently they have issued a warning of less profit, due to Osborne closing the loophole in the last budget. I suspect that they will find another loophole, as accountants always seem to be ahead of HMRC.
  3. Hi Guys, Back in May I was stopped by Revenue Inspectors. During that week I had exams, and I had lost my oyster card which was not registered. On that very morning, I asked a friend if they had a spare oyster card and they handed me it. At that time I didn't think to ask about if I was allowed to use the card since he gave me the wallet and I tapped in. I was then approached by an individual who later identified himself as a Revenue Inspector. He asked to see the Oyster Card which I showed him and then he said you know you are not allowed to use a Freedom Pass belonging to another person. Of course I am aware that I am unable to use a Freedom Pass which has another person photo, but I only became aware that it was a freedom pass once It was brought to my attention by the Revenue Inspector. I should have checked and made sure I was entitled to use the card but I had an exam that day, I was running Late and I had been up all night revising so I admit I did not do all that I could. Then he said some stuff to me that TFL will write me a letter and said sign this and you can go. He didn't explicitly mentioned that I was being charged under the Regulations of Railways Act 1889, he just said anything you do say may be used against you in court or something along those lines. Then I left the station because I was stopped as I was about to start my journey. Now I want to pursue a career where it is imperative to be CRB clear, now I understand my failings but I never intended to defraud TFL. The witness statement also states the below which I don't understand: What does the last 8 journeys have to do with me? "A ticket office machine (Tom) printout is generated from A London Underground ticket office. This printout details the last 8 complete journeys when it has been presented onto an Oyster Card Validator within the transport for London zonal system. It will also details when travel card have been loaded onto the Oyster Card. This printout is obtained from a person trained in the use of the ticket office machine,and no amendmenta are made to it after its compilation" Any advice please.
  4. Hello everyone. I am a university student and I have been looking for some legal advice recently and i've come across CAG forums. Let me explain my situation. It was the 13th of december 2013. It was the last day of university autumn term and I was travelling from birmingham moor street to aylesbury station. All seemed well until one of the guards at aylesbury station decided to check my ticket and railcard. I did what they asked and told me that my railcard was expired. The guard notified his supervisor about the situation. They informed me that buying a discounted ticket with an expired railcard is an offence and that i have to pay a penalty fare. I made them aware that i know my responsibilities, i acknowledged that i was at fault for not realising that my railcard was expired, i accept the consequences and i let them know that i am more than willing and capable of paying the penalty fare. However, i informed them that i will be away from the UK until the 10th of Jan 2014 (as i had a plane to catch on the 15th december), thus i wouldnt be able to respond to whatever letter they send me. They told me that this wouldnt be a problem and so i thought nothing else of this incident. However, months passed and i still havent heard anything from them. Come mid march, they decided to take me to court as I received a final notice stating that i have been avoiding paying the penalty fare. This is what troubles me as i have made my intentions clear from the beginning that i was willing to pay the fare yet they decided to sue me for avoiding paying the fare. I was very cooperative with the people at aylesbury station from the beginning. I gave them all the information they needed; i showed them my passport and i gave them my addresses both in my dorm in birmingham and in alyesbury. I DID NOT receive any sort of notice of when, where and how to pay the penalty fare at both addresses that i gave them and so they must have assumed that I was avoiding paying the fare. Now im being summoned to court on the 23rd of april. What can i do at this point?
  5. 11 months ago I took out a contract via Phones4U with Orange for a Galaxy Note. Shortly afterwards I closed the cover on a bunch of keys in my pocket, causing a crack on the edge. OK my fault, my problem. A month ago, the phone "thought" it was charging when it wasn't even plugged in, causing it to light up in the middle of the night and drain the battery. Also the charging started getting worse and worse, eventually it was so bad that just surfing with it plugged in would drain the charge in 2 hours. I tried different chargers. In the end switching it off and leaving it to charge overnight gave it only 24% charge. I returned the phone to the Phones4U shop to be repaired under the 24 month warranty. I then received an extimate for £120. I telephoned the Repair Centre who aid that was for repairing the screen. They tried to explain that the cracked screen voided the warranty but paying the £120 would put it back in warranty. I read the Terms & Conditions and fair enough, the warranty does not cover repairs to damage or defects caused by physical damage. Fair enough, I don't want the physical damage repaired. Many many phone calls and visits to to the shop ensued, The phone has now been returned "as the repair centre was unable to contact me". I am peeved off on 2 counts:- 1) I resent them trying to force me to pay for a service I don't want. 2) They are trying to get out of honouring the warranty. It is over 6 months but I believe the phone is not fit for purpose; it doesn't make calls, receive calls, surf the internet or play music etc reliably now for more than a few minutes. All I am getting is that the warranty is void. I must say that the charging problem is not caused by any physical damage. Any suggestions where to take it now?
  6. A couple of weeks ago i was travelling from Crewe to Stockport and due to a change in my circumstances i hadn't bought a return ticket. I had to rush home as a close family member had been taken to hospital and i wasn't thinking straight. I ran for the train and just got on. When i arrived at Stockport, my head wasn't in the right place and i had said i had traveled from Wilmslow instead of Crewe. Eventually i told the truth when i had calmed down a bit. I went to pay at the exit and my card wasn't accepted in the machine. I also offered to go under supervision to the cash point to get the required money but this was rejected. They took my details and said they would be in contact. I received the letter last week and i sent it back explaining what had happened. I was just wondering what i would be liable to pay and if i would need to go to court. Also i am due to fly to America to do my second year of University study there in August and i would like this to be solved by then. Does anyone have any idea how long these cases take to finish?
  7. http://www.tax-news.com/news/HMRC_Hails_Victory_In_Stamp_Duty_Avoidance_Case____57427.html
  8. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpool-news/uk-world-news/2012/11/12/group-to-target-starbucks-over-cuts-100252-32213658/
  9. Follows report by the Public Accounts Commission. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19839836
  10. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/tax/9550139/Tax-crackdown-aims-to-recover-millions-from-Londons-lawyers.html
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2174268/The-148-BBC-stars-avoiding-tax-MPs-attack-immoral-tactics-presenters-reduce-tax-bills-paid-private-companies.html
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