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  1. iv no idea who asdas date office is i asked the COE for it and asked him to tell me how much it cost he said he put it on to his lower staff then they say ill chases it up and its been just like that so iv emailed him again ( COE asdas) and see what comes back .. i told him i want a copy so i guess they must keep it .. as it was just a few days after you said on here about it .. to be honest the response from asdas .. cops . is disgusting just bull all the way .. ill give him till middle next week then i go to the papers ..
  2. in the email to police .and the solicitor .... the solicitor is doing a claim to asdas for my kids compo and for us to get an apology .he said he look in to the assault but not said any thing .we contacted asda for the CCTV few days after you said about it .as far as i know the police have a copy as they been looking at it .this time we asked the COE for it .. as the last time it was the head office staff .. is that who i ask ?
  3. hi when i said i found scone it was what you put ...the solicitor seams to be more interested in compo claim not the police part ...we went to the solicitor for the free half hour but was told we have to make an appointment so it was after you said all about it so we following your posts i will be adding this to the email It is right (in one way of considering it!). Assault is creating the fear of the unlawful application of physical violence (in the same way common assault / battery is the unlawful application of that physical force), so for both : if it was lawful, it isn't assault. Where the difference may come in is that what may be lawful for a police officer (acting on reasonable suspicion e.g.a report from a security guard) may not be lawful for the security guard. So, security guard doesn't see theft, wrongfully applied force : unlawful. Police officer gets told by security guard "they have stolen an item" when its not actually stolen, applies force that would be wrongful if done by a security guard, becomes lawful for the police officer if they had reasonable grounds to believe it to be true. as the cop said tonight there is no asdas stuff being touched yet the CCTV shows my kids with the smiths toys which no one had looked at till the end of the whole farce .. so no one seen my kids touch anything of asdas so all this was done with no evidence yet the cops still think it ok.. if they seen the footage then stopped my kids THE RIGHT WAY then none this would have happened but they didnt so.. thanks for your help bazzaS
  4. hi all .. we have asked asdas for the CCTV footage and all we had is passing the buck so i dont think we going to see that .. as for the police they (just called me 10 mins ago ) are not interested as they are saying the security guards have the right to grab ppl and frogmarch them in to a room and hold them there. we have contacted the chief of police and he had passed it down the chain to the pc who called AGAIN saying asda staff have the right to do what they did .. i said to her if i grabbed a copper and forced him in to a shop and said she said you taken some thing then tried to walk off . i would be arrested !! yes!! she just mumbled and butted so i said no i would be arrested for assault. . then she tried to make out its not a police matter !! what assault is not a police matter !! REALLY are you having a laugh . so the police are just dragging it out so we forget about it .... ( my son went in to asdas to day for the 1st time since it happened ). i need if any one can help me the law on assault and what rules do the police have to grab you . . as the police are trying to make out the security guards are the police as they have the same rights ... im sure that is not right .. we are contacting the IPCC and reporting this and doing another email to the chief of the S wales police to tell him what we are doing . i just cant believe the cops are trying to make out the security guards are in the right .. does any one know who train the asdas security staff ... we have found a thing called SCONE ... and on the SIA web site says they are not to touch ppl unless they try and run . yet i dont know if SIA train asdas ... the solicitor has contacted asdas head office so we be hearing from him soon .. thanks all .
  5. well we have done a email to the chief of the police and the mrs is going to do one to the IPCC and see what goes then .. we done asdas chief COE and was passed on to one woman so the mrs is doing a follow up to him and see what he does then the next step if not an satisfactory answers from them is the news papers see then .. the 101 handler tried to make out it was a civil matter then i told him its not got thro to the cops and they tried to pass it off as a civil matter . then she kept saying its ok for them to man handle children like that . . as its there job to catch shop lifters . . i said yes but my kids was not shoplifters . they was innocent (cop ) but they didnt know that me if they did there job and checked the CCTV they would have seen my kids walking in to the shop with the stuff they didnt have to manhandle them . so thats assault ( cop ) no its them doing there job .. like talking to a wall . just trying to grind you down . well they wont . . more they buck me about the more i want to push this .. all we wanted was a sorry now i want blood ..
  6. well asdas not interested.... and just had a call off the police . and they not interested as pc said they have the right to stop you . and as i said not they dont fallow the SCONE system .. that they follow .... se said they can stop you and im hanging up goodbye ..
  7. hi . all thanks for the information . we have contacted ASDAs and had what i would say a standard bull poo reply just saying we look in to it we dealt with it and have nice day . so we contacted CAB and they said we need to contact them again and ask what they did and so on and one we find out we go from there .. not much help so im off to a solicitor today . to see what we can do .. as for some the answers to the posts .. the cops said they were outside all ready as when we were leaving we saw one of the big police vans that go round the different shops like a mobile police station thing ..(but i have only seen PCSO in them ) these two claimed to be CID ,. but no ID was shown we just took their word for it as they were chatting on what looked like police radio.. . they said the police were called by asdas and as they were out side at the time .. we could not leave the items in the car as my wife and children went shopping while i had the car to take my brother home that's why i was not with them just my wife when they went in to asdas if i were with them i would have left the items in the car .. we did say we wanted an apology ff the manager at the store (the rude one ) but in the email they sent they said we wont be doing that as this email is the apology.. im not happy with that as an email is a face less sorry .. do i ask the store for the CCTV or do i ask the COE rep that emailed us for it .. thanks again i will keep you all updated ..
  8. hi .. thank you all for the info . i will be doing the things said on here .. the security guard just had asdas black jacket on no ID on him . i will let you know what happens
  9. hi . thanks . . the cops would not let us near our kids till hey checked the receipt even then my son was to scared to come out the room . what do we want from asdas well id like it not to happen to any one else for one and proper rules/procedures in place so it doesnt happen again . . not just oo he's gone for retraining or lesson learned . the manager (the rude one ) to say sorry to both children and then i want asdas to treat them to good time to help forget this horrible affair.. what solicitor will i need to follow this up as i only know the ones were i live are trips. falls. car bumps ambulance chasers . we dont have the police names but as they were called by asdas and my children had to give their names .address. so on to the cops it be all logged with the police so i can find that out . also as this security guard (they only said one guard mind yet it was two of them that grabbed my children so ones got away with it so far ) asdas will have his name and one of them was very easy to pick out..
  10. last sunday before christmas my son and brother went to the football when it ended my wife and my 2 daughters went with my son in to smyths toys while i dropped my brother home . when i got back to the toy shop they had gone next door to asdas ... i go in and they are all in the toy section .. ( they was all spending their Christmas money ) when i got to them they said there was nothing in here they wanted . they asked for the car keys as me and the wife had some shopping to do .. we went off and walking around the shop . . my wife phone rang . just as she answered it we heard some one shout !! we have just arrested your kids for shoplifting !! my wife said they been stopped at the door .as we turned around the security guard was about 20 ft away walking towards us . he said it again this time not as loud .. i asked where are they he said they are in the security room and the police been called .. we all walked to the security room . . which turned out to be no more than a broom cupboard. with about 15 to 20 staff and customers watching .. .as we got close i seen my 13 old son and 16 old daughter in this broom cupboard in hysterics and crying . . i went nuts i barged thro the people and staff to get to them just as i got to the door of the room there was 2 plain clothes cops who grabbed me and stopped me getting in to the room while shouting were are the police . i said i dont care who you are get me kids out this room now .. . then he told me they been stopped for shoplifting my wife said then NO t That is not your stuff , what they have is from smyth toys and showed the receipt the cops checked the receipt and said yes every thing is paid for . a manager said i want the item scanned with our scanner gun the cops said !! we have checked them and they been paid for ) the wife said let them check to which they did and guess what none of the items were from ASDAs shop also the items had big smyths toy labels on them .. all the staff walked off the cop said i need to check the CCTV footage . he came back and with one manager said we have CCTV your kids walking in with the ITEMS IN THEIR HANDS so nothing has been taken from here .. i said im not happy with them calling my kids shoplifters a manager said that doesnt matter its irrelevant i walked up to him and said its not ok to call my kids names .. and he walked off ... we just left as we were going out the door the security guard was talking to this manager about what happened as people were walking out then stopped as we were going past and said sorry he could have handled it better yet the manager walked off .. we called asdas house and they said we'll sort it the security will have retraining and they said they'd,d send us compensation for our troubles .. NOTHING FROM THEM. they assaulted my children called them names and me and my wife in a busy store , and got away with it .. sorry about the long story BUT WHAT DO WE DO we have found out from the net that 3 things must happen , 1 a member of staff must see you taking some thing off the shelf 2 they must wait till you leave the store 3 they must not touch you but say can you come back in to the store IF YOUR TRY TO RUN then they can grab you .. now my kids had NOT taken any thing off the shelf my kids were not out of the shop The securtity guards grabbed them from behind by the tops of their arms and frog marched them to this room they then emptied my daughters bag and started to questioning them ... we were not there when they did this and no other adults were there apart from the security and manager .. my son whos 13 yrs old it was about 3 to 4 days till we could talk to him without him getting upset and starting to cry . he stayed in his room for those days . he's not been back in to ASDAs since .. my daughter was ok when she got home AGAIN she stayed in her room for the rest of the night . it was later the next day she showed up down stairs .. ASDAs house rep contacted us ( as my wife sent them an email telling them what happened ) and said sorry but i want that manager to apologies to my children face to face not some one over the phone .
  11. if she is a USA resident is she allowed to run a British company like this ..if not then every penny they have got off ppl in the last years needs to be paid back to the ppl then dcbl nees to fined (massive fine) and them shut down ....
  12. why dont these ppl clear off (dcbl)and let ppl get on with there lives .no one needs these bottom feeders in there lives .. all they do is wrong /illegal yet they still allowed to operate ...... who own's this disgusting company dcbl they should not be allowed to run disgusting company.... shut it down .................
  13. my ticket is June 2014 .so they just string it out . its not for the council to say as its nothing to do with them .. ... you have to pay the council or police tickets UNLESS they are wrong ..but private land tickets no ... they just keep bulling you to pay . so id say no dont pay it like many on here with say the same... .. they are just a bunch of [problem]mers hoping some one will cave in and pay . . as if you pay it £160 that will pay for hundreds of other letters to other ppl . . as there are many out there i guess who will pay straight away as they will think they have to ...
  14. the guy who gives out the ticket wont looking the car . as he stands about 10 ft away and if he cant see it then you get a ticket .. . as my badge was on the lower dash (my car has two bash boards) and as it was not on the top one he gave me a ticket ..i seen him take the photo of the car as i was walking back top the car with the ticket on the windscreen . . then the photo you see on there site the ticket is missing ...??? as i taken the ticket off the car screen and went back in to asdas (that was the last shop i was in ) with my blue badge . . so im guessing he went back to the car and taken it again this time the car had no badge .... so if its on the seat he not going to care he wants his commission from the ticket ... ......even tho they tell you they dont get any ..BS do they
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