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  1. Even if he was over the time that still does not allow them the powers to fake evidence.. even the police cant do that mmmmmmm
  2. Hi 1st all NO I will not turn it down I'm up there with the big boys china Russia India me with global warming lol . Thank you for your help but iv got nowhere with ! your repair ! As in terms of them replying or help .its the wrong time year to drag this out fighting them while I got no hot water or heating. I have left bad reviews on there sites hoping that will help others from making the same mistake as me ! joining there scam !. As for the NEST yes it's the government backed scheme for ppl on disability an low income to help warm there homes . Just do what I did ASK they can only say yes or no and there supa fast . So thank you . I will be keeping a look in and see if any one else post about !your repair! As I can guarantee I wont be the last person scammed. Cheers .
  3. Sorry for the delay but good new fantastic news the nest (Gov heating ppl.) inspector came to my house and approved my new boiler and some new radiators and they arrived today and there fitting the boiler now . . So today or tomorrow i will have heating an hot water for the 1st time in 3 months . AWESOME.... As for the scumbags insurance they dumped me and to be honest good riddance I dont have to worrie about them leaving me in the cold again .
  4. I think bankfodder is right about this solicitor a bully and thinks hes better than everyone else .and thinks if he chucks all this leagel dross at you you will drop it .which I bet it's not the 1st time this solicitor has done this to some other tradesman. Check the questions m8 answer them and let bankfooder help get your money off this noob . ...
  5. Well I should have an up date on my dealer this week as its come up again .. !! You need to add adblue or wont start your car message!! Flashing on the dash so I'll call them ask and see what they say . Mind you they said they filled it up in September 2021 iv done less than 2k (had to go. to scotland for my sister's funeral ) and now its saying it need stopped up ..
  6. That's the ppl sorted it they be out to check me out and fit the boiler . Wished I called them 1st rather than scam your repair ..
  7. Yes it the govenment schema to insulated and new boilers for disabled and low incomes . They coming out friday to look at the house and see what it needs.
  8. Hi I haven't signed anything I did it on line . It's a biasi combe boiler, it's about 8 to 9 years old . I'm looking in to buying the parts and getting it fixed but I need to wait to get my pip, but then I need to pay Bill's and what's left see about the parts .I'm looking in to getting a grant /loan .. As your repair has cancelled the policy, What it would cost me to argue with them then they turn round and say still not fixing it . As they done excuse after excuse If you look at their bad reviews you see they done this load and loads Times, it's all the same stuff they say to people and I dont have any paper work which shows my terms and conditions, they can make it up as they go along One excuse I only have £400 cover, Yet on the policy when I joined !! We cant fix it we replace it !! One the questions was how old is your boiler- answered 8 to 9 years - excuse it too old - the boiler is still for sale in B&Q now same model - £1.100 they just cheap knock off, if they can fix your boiler for less than £50 but you pay them £700 over 3 years then they're in profit cheap repairs they will do expensive ones - uneconomical to repair we not fixing it . - terms and conditions.....
  9. The told me I can go to Cardiff branch slope road so that's where I'll be going in future. As for my sister no it was a diffrent dealer its skoda dealer mine was Vauxhall dealer . Im not sure where there dealer is but it be local to pontypridd..and yes it was a motablity car.. she told me shes always paid for this adblue stuff (as they always had diesels) its not the 1st time shes paid for it. His last car was nissan then it was Kia then Vauxhall. . I told the lady from motablity that I wanted to make a complaint as I had a long list of problems with Vauxhall dealer and one the probs was adblue that's when she said I'm doing the complaint now and I'll send them an email to remind them as it might made a mistake to charge . I mean it's not like it's there 1st time doing motablitiy cars and not some back street dealer charging for adblue to me is a dam right scam to rip disabled ppl off What is the chance that the service staff once they been told adblue is free to motability customers there all going to say ???? WOW I didn't know no one ever told me mind you i did wonder but thought no it must be right . Rubbish its money for them dealers dont make much money off the sale of cars thro motability that's why they changed the lease to only every 3 years as before you could keep the car but that changed. What else they charging for screen wash .anti freeze.. ..
  10. Hi I have looked at the reviews on these !! Wont do !! Your repair, there are tons of people who have had the exactly the same experience as I have , take the money, wont do the repair, the lack of repair men standard ! boiler uneconomical to repair on Report , It seems a standard scam, They send in repair men and just do the same report all the time and your repair refuses to do the repair. .I have to say in one I'm lucky as they cancelled the contract there are loads of them in their reviews that make the customer pay to get out of the contract and people have been threatened by bailiffs. Very easy to join quick to take our money very helpful staff.. These people have not had to make a claim yet then they see the real ! your repair !.
  11. Hi . I also been Motability customer for many years but this is my 1st diesel . And I have to say Motability staff are the cream of the cream best of the best 100% amazing staff but this time in particular when I said what happened just like I said The reply was they must been a mistake I'll send them an email to remind them , I said I want to make a complaint about them as they was rude dismissive and I dont really want to go back to them . she said this is a complaint I'm doing it now and I'll send them an email to remind them , And I had nothing off them since . Also I left it on their feedback on their Website review. (the dealer ) , they replied in a bog standard click and paste reply saying they will contact me and deal with, they never did even left follow up feedback to the review. I was shocked by the lack of response from Motability of the potential fraud that could be going.on .. As far as I'm concerned it is fraud they know it's free to Motability customers but still try and charge even argue with customers in middle of the show room and that was their manager david /dav .
  12. Its Vauxhall main dealer in upper boat treforrest pontypridd I did call the press as there was no boobs or some has been celeb they was not interested. Which I think is disgusting . I called national and local news papers .
  13. Hi 1st all if I got this in the wrong section plz amend. I am registered disabled and I have a mobility car and I have found/discovered something that I find disgusting wrong disabled ppl being ripped off . In september 21 I taken the car to a main dealer for the car 1st service is a diesel combo . 2 days after the service the ADBLUE light cameon, i went back to the dealer and told them which they replied yea it not part of the service . And if you want us to top it up its £30. No it's not as in the hand book it says all I put in is fuel EVERTHING else is free . the manager comes out and says no it's a consumable, I said so is tyres i called Motability and told them, they told me, no it's part of the service you DO NOT PAY, the manager said we do it this time as even BMW charge. I thought whats that got to do with price of fish as this is a Vauxhall dealer . I told my sister about this, her husband is disabled and she told me his car went in July and they charged him £30 odd for adblue their car is skoda. I called BMW NISSAN and know Vauxhall an skoda charge Now there must be hundreds of thousands of Motability cars /disabled ppl being ripped off all over the UK I called Motability and I was palmed off !! They must made a mistake I'll send them an email!! I dont think it was a good enough response to what could be a massive fraud UK wide . .. PLZ IF YOUR DISABLED YOU DONT PAY FOR ADBLUE when you get your car serviced. If you been charged and got your receipt go back and get your money back .
  14. Hi . It's been a long time since I had any trouble with parking ones . But the last time I had a problem I had a pnc from euro parks saying I had parked in a car park and not paid . So I sent them a letter telling them even tho it was my car I was not driving it nor was i there so they replied asking me to name the driver I refused due to dater protection that was it I never heard from them again. That must be 3 or 4 years ago . Has it changed that you have to name.the driver .
  15. Hi at the beginning of Oct 21 my boiler broke down . I called my insurance repairs !! Your repair !!!, They said the send some one out 3 days later, two guys turned up (they was 40 mins late not good start ) While one guy texted on his phone the other guy equipped with trusty screwdriver (that was all ) taken the 2 sides and front off my boiler, he looked at it and then said can you turn on the hot water tap which my wife did, the boiler started to pump the water around the house, he said the fan and the PCU Board is knackered, he didnt test the fan just looked at it and the PCU board is underneath the boiler and behind the control panel. Needed to buy the parts - off they went . That was weds on friday I called your repair what's happen . Over the next two weeks different excuses from : Your boiler too old - I told them how old it was when i joined . Beyond economic repair. - The parts cost £300 you only have £400 cover - The parts cost me £300 you get them cheaper trade rain water gone down the flue damaged boiler - My flue sticks out from the house, not up and I have a drain plug if water does go along the flue it drains out Been almost 2 months in middle of winter with 2 children in the house and a disabled person with a long list of serious health issues . Today 26 nov I had the policy cancelled as they are not repairing the boiler but expect me to pay for it . If I get another boiler company in to do a job sheet on it, it will cost me £60 for the bill , ben to look at it yet they want me to pay for a 2an opinion . I think the two repair men should have checked the boiler properly. Been let down badly by !! your repair!! .
  16. iv no idea who asdas date office is i asked the COE for it and asked him to tell me how much it cost he said he put it on to his lower staff then they say ill chases it up and its been just like that so iv emailed him again ( COE asdas) and see what comes back .. i told him i want a copy so i guess they must keep it .. as it was just a few days after you said on here about it .. to be honest the response from asdas .. cops . is disgusting just bull all the way .. ill give him till middle next week then i go to the papers ..
  17. in the email to police .and the solicitor .... the solicitor is doing a claim to asdas for my kids compo and for us to get an apology .he said he look in to the assault but not said any thing .we contacted asda for the CCTV few days after you said about it .as far as i know the police have a copy as they been looking at it .this time we asked the COE for it .. as the last time it was the head office staff .. is that who i ask ?
  18. hi when i said i found scone it was what you put ...the solicitor seams to be more interested in compo claim not the police part ...we went to the solicitor for the free half hour but was told we have to make an appointment so it was after you said all about it so we following your posts i will be adding this to the email It is right (in one way of considering it!). Assault is creating the fear of the unlawful application of physical violence (in the same way common assault / battery is the unlawful application of that physical force), so for both : if it was lawful, it isn't assault. Where the difference may come in is that what may be lawful for a police officer (acting on reasonable suspicion e.g.a report from a security guard) may not be lawful for the security guard. So, security guard doesn't see theft, wrongfully applied force : unlawful. Police officer gets told by security guard "they have stolen an item" when its not actually stolen, applies force that would be wrongful if done by a security guard, becomes lawful for the police officer if they had reasonable grounds to believe it to be true. as the cop said tonight there is no asdas stuff being touched yet the CCTV shows my kids with the smiths toys which no one had looked at till the end of the whole farce .. so no one seen my kids touch anything of asdas so all this was done with no evidence yet the cops still think it ok.. if they seen the footage then stopped my kids THE RIGHT WAY then none this would have happened but they didnt so.. thanks for your help bazzaS
  19. hi all .. we have asked asdas for the CCTV footage and all we had is passing the buck so i dont think we going to see that .. as for the police they (just called me 10 mins ago ) are not interested as they are saying the security guards have the right to grab ppl and frogmarch them in to a room and hold them there. we have contacted the chief of police and he had passed it down the chain to the pc who called AGAIN saying asda staff have the right to do what they did .. i said to her if i grabbed a copper and forced him in to a shop and said she said you taken some thing then tried to walk off . i would be arrested !! yes!! she just mumbled and butted so i said no i would be arrested for assault. . then she tried to make out its not a police matter !! what assault is not a police matter !! REALLY are you having a laugh . so the police are just dragging it out so we forget about it .... ( my son went in to asdas to day for the 1st time since it happened ). i need if any one can help me the law on assault and what rules do the police have to grab you . . as the police are trying to make out the security guards are the police as they have the same rights ... im sure that is not right .. we are contacting the IPCC and reporting this and doing another email to the chief of the S wales police to tell him what we are doing . i just cant believe the cops are trying to make out the security guards are in the right .. does any one know who train the asdas security staff ... we have found a thing called SCONE ... and on the SIA web site says they are not to touch ppl unless they try and run . yet i dont know if SIA train asdas ... the solicitor has contacted asdas head office so we be hearing from him soon .. thanks all .
  20. well we have done a email to the chief of the police and the mrs is going to do one to the IPCC and see what goes then .. we done asdas chief COE and was passed on to one woman so the mrs is doing a follow up to him and see what he does then the next step if not an satisfactory answers from them is the news papers see then .. the 101 handler tried to make out it was a civil matter then i told him its not got thro to the cops and they tried to pass it off as a civil matter . then she kept saying its ok for them to man handle children like that . . as its there job to catch shop lifters . . i said yes but my kids was not shoplifters . they was innocent (cop ) but they didnt know that me if they did there job and checked the CCTV they would have seen my kids walking in to the shop with the stuff they didnt have to manhandle them . so thats assault ( cop ) no its them doing there job .. like talking to a wall . just trying to grind you down . well they wont . . more they buck me about the more i want to push this .. all we wanted was a sorry now i want blood ..
  21. well asdas not interested.... and just had a call off the police . and they not interested as pc said they have the right to stop you . and as i said not they dont fallow the SCONE system .. that they follow .... se said they can stop you and im hanging up goodbye ..
  22. hi . all thanks for the information . we have contacted ASDAs and had what i would say a standard bull poo reply just saying we look in to it we dealt with it and have nice day . so we contacted CAB and they said we need to contact them again and ask what they did and so on and one we find out we go from there .. not much help so im off to a solicitor today . to see what we can do .. as for some the answers to the posts .. the cops said they were outside all ready as when we were leaving we saw one of the big police vans that go round the different shops like a mobile police station thing ..(but i have only seen PCSO in them ) these two claimed to be CID ,. but no ID was shown we just took their word for it as they were chatting on what looked like police radio.. . they said the police were called by asdas and as they were out side at the time .. we could not leave the items in the car as my wife and children went shopping while i had the car to take my brother home that's why i was not with them just my wife when they went in to asdas if i were with them i would have left the items in the car .. we did say we wanted an apology ff the manager at the store (the rude one ) but in the email they sent they said we wont be doing that as this email is the apology.. im not happy with that as an email is a face less sorry .. do i ask the store for the CCTV or do i ask the COE rep that emailed us for it .. thanks again i will keep you all updated ..
  23. hi .. thank you all for the info . i will be doing the things said on here .. the security guard just had asdas black jacket on no ID on him . i will let you know what happens
  24. hi . thanks . . the cops would not let us near our kids till hey checked the receipt even then my son was to scared to come out the room . what do we want from asdas well id like it not to happen to any one else for one and proper rules/procedures in place so it doesnt happen again . . not just oo he's gone for retraining or lesson learned . the manager (the rude one ) to say sorry to both children and then i want asdas to treat them to good time to help forget this horrible affair.. what solicitor will i need to follow this up as i only know the ones were i live are trips. falls. car bumps ambulance chasers . we dont have the police names but as they were called by asdas and my children had to give their names .address. so on to the cops it be all logged with the police so i can find that out . also as this security guard (they only said one guard mind yet it was two of them that grabbed my children so ones got away with it so far ) asdas will have his name and one of them was very easy to pick out..
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