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  1. I Definately will not let this drop untill they have shown at least a bit of effort (bearing in mind I STILL havnt yet been able to speak to anyone from Lloyds that has understood my issues raise or given me advice or reassurance other than to be told I must contact the DFD and track down my own missing money!) I look forward to hearing from them ( Lloyds) hopefully directly on the phone over the next few days, I await my much deserved explanation with an apology! A slight token payment in addition to my original amount would certainly be appreciated , considering the long wait for the over-due payment and countless phone calls and time taken up in doing so, when I could have been enjoying it with my 3 young daughters while they are off school over the xmas period, I will keep you posted as soon as I have heard from Lloyds and hopefully will have received payment, thankyou for your input and advice, becky
  2. Hi there, I to was grilled over whether they thought I was actually 'miss-sold' my ppi eventually received the confirmation that I would be receiving my ppi amount back and would be paid by 28th dec 2014, however when the payment failed to make an appearance in my account I made enquiries into the matter and discovered my payment had been sent to 'debt free direct' because of my "IVA"!. I first had to research what an IVA was and why I might possibly have had one without knowing it plus supposed dealings with 'debt free direct' , After discovering what an IVA was and that i definitely dont/didnt have one 'debt free direct' where just as puzzled as I am not on their system and never had been (because I dont owe any money or have a debt management plan!) but my sum of money is down as being cashed by them! Ive been passed from pillar to post trying to track down my money and told from both sides that I must consult the other party! 'Debt free direct' raised an important quiery, lloyds would have had to check my name against the insolvency register incase of owed monies that the ppi money would by rights go towards paying off, They advised me to check the 'individual insolvency register' while on the phone to them as the only person showing on their records with the same name as me had a very similar date of birth, I typed in my surname and first initial and sure enough the only person on the register sharing the same name as myself all except middle names and DOB being a month and a day different to mine had an IVA against her name! Lloyds said they will pass the issue over to their investigations team after they receive contact from the debt company , I have Emailed 'debt free direct' asking for them to make contact with lloyds to confirm that Im not on their system and I just hope Lloyds dont drag out giving me my answer as to why they wrongly handed my cheque to what I can only imagine has gone to pay off someone elses debts!! Im sorry for rambling on, I hope you managed to understand my situation and wonder if anyone else has ever had or heard of this happening before, any feed back on the matter would be greatly appreciated, Thankyou in advance, becky
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