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  1. Yes sorry he gave me the number for Bryan Carter Sols to find out what the debt was for
  2. I phoned a Mr scott, not sure if hes from lowell but his original note was wrote on a peice of paper marked county court
  3. Just found out its for a halifax loan I took out in 2005, but not apparently made any payments since 2009 they tell me. It was a joint loan I took out with my partner, but shes had nothing ever sent or mentioned to her. The guy Ive just spoke to said they dont need to pursue my partner they only need to go after one person, and not to bother asking for a set aside as the debt is right.
  4. Hi anymore advice lease, I've rang the person who posted the letter and he said its been sold to Brian Carter Solicitors, and to ring them to find out what the debt is for. Should I do this or just still get in touch with the judge and see if I can get it set aside, like I said I still dont know what its for, or if its statue barred. Obviously if its not then I'll pay it once I know what it is
  5. Hi all I received a few letters from Lowell Finance (I think it was). this was for a debt for just over 2000 pounds. IT NEVER SAID WHAT FOR and for the life of me I cant think, as I'm sure I'm paying for everything I know of. because of this I ignored the letters as I didn't want to acknowledge some debt in case its something that may already be over 6 years old. I've now since received 2 letters from HM Courts and Tribunals Service, both containing Attachment of Earning Application, I ignored the first but the second came with a WARNING handwritten note saying I must complete the form and return it to the county court as failure may result in a CUSTODIAL SENTENCE. am I too late to do anything and should I just comply and start paying this debt, or can I still do something about it. - I honestly do not know what its for or how old the debt is
  6. H i everyone, I made a single claim for child tax credits and after 3 weeks I recieved a reply back from Ryscar B&C COMPLIANCE OPERATIONS. Anyway they asked me to send in some proofs....bank statements, council tax, utility etc. I sent these in straight away with a cover note explaining what I was sending and why: BANK STATEMENTS - I said I could not provide them with bank statements as there was no point as my bank account (single) was being cancelled by the bank, because im in debt and also by the time they recieved my reply it would have happened.........I included the letter from the bank for proof. UTILITY BILLS - Again I said I coudnt send these as for 1, G&E are pre-pay meters, but also I had started a switch over with a new company and also into my name - I sent proof of this. COUNCIL TAX BILL - I told them that I didnt have a bill as I had just applied for council tax support in my name and also they required the same proofs tax credits did (no photocopies)....but that as i needed tax credits sorted, they were more important........I informed then that my single claim for council tax could still be checked with the council to prove I had applied. MORTGAGE STATEMENTS - These I supplied and are in both mine and my exs name.......but its a mortgage, we have recently split, neither can afford to buy the other out so what do they expect. Also we'd both prefer not to sell as its at least one thing we are hoping to leave the kids. Also in the cover note I explained how it was impossible to cope as at the moment I am only recieving £143 every 2 weeks to support myself and 2 kids......I can barely afford food. Anyway got my reply back today telling me she has made her decision not to accept my claim because she has been unable to confirm my single person status.................and thats that. Apparently a letter will follow shortly explaining her decision and if I can appeal.........I cannot wait for shortly. Can anyone give me some advice on how to word a good appeal, or should I just contact them and say I dont agree, Im desperate and need to do it ASAP. Also I am going to have links with my ex, we were together 12 years until he decided to start sleeping with his dirty b**ch co-worker that is. Please peeps some good advice needed.....on best way forward and best advice wording I can send back....and could I have done more with the things I sent? Its what they asked for so I thought it would be enough. Sorry to go on and thanks.
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