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  1. Cheers for the feedback, its not a diesel, its the 1.4 TFSI. I have had a second opinion and it is unfortunately what the first garage said. Its either an engine rebuild to replace the cylinders or a replacement engine im afraid. It was very juddery on tick over and in the low rev range, and started throwing black smoke out the back (its burning oil). They changed all the coil packs and spark plugs (one was absolutely black which was the one from the second cylinder which is scored) but it didnt stop the juddering or black smoke. The final analysis was that cylinder 2 and 3 are
  2. I don't think the damage was there when i bought the car, also not sure how to prove it? They would have to take the car and run tests on it?
  3. Hi all I am new to this forum, hence why my first post is on here! I have an Audi a3 which i purchased through Black Horse in 2010. I still have 19 months left on the HP agreement. Last week i had the engine management light come on, so i booked it into my local garage to take a look. They have found two cylinders misfiring and one has excessive scoring to the bore. All in all an engine rebuild is going to cost me 4.5k or find another engine and have it replaced (again in excess of 1.5k-2k) I dont have the money to fix my car and am wondering what my options are. It is an 0
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