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  1. Ok. We ll in that case, I don't think it is illegal as she will just say it was a verbal agreement. Also, she is below the HMRC threshold. Not on benefits.
  2. Interesting. I didn't realise this was an offence. Can you please point me to the legislation for this
  3. I have found somewhere else to stay Really? I thought that they didn't need to do tenancy agreements for lodgers In that case. she would have to explain why my bank statement shows regular transfers to her account - same amount every month.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I had paid for the room, as I paid in advance as per the norm. She knew when I was going away and when I was coming back too.
  5. I am/was a lodger in a house where the landlady also lives. I know that under the law, because I was only a lodger, I have no rights and the landlady can treat me as she pleases. But I just want to see if there is anything that I can do because I do feel I have been treated unfairly. I went away for a week. Whilst I was away, the landlady let someone else use my room. When I came back, that person was still using my room, so I had to use a much smaller room and bed for a week. I no longer had access to the fridge and all my toiletries had been removed from the bathroom. Also, there was no hot water for a shower. In view of the above issues, I felt that I was not getting the service I was paying for and so should have a discount. When I tried to discuss it with her, she got very angry and blew her top. She started shouting at me, refused to let me speak and said that I was not getting a discount. She didn't let me explain myself fully and just stated that she would not discuss it further. She behaved like a bully and due to her anger, I was actually scared and so left the building. As I was too uncomfortable to be in her presence, I have not been back. As I strongly believe that I should not have to pay full rent for a much reduced service, and she refused to discuss anything, I have not yet paid the rent (a week late). This week I got a message from her saying that if I didn't pay by a specific day/time, she would change the locks and retain my possessions until I pay what she feels I owe (She also has a few hundred pounds deposit, which I expect I will not see again). Prior to her deadline, I attended the address and discovered that she has indeed changed the locks. So, in my mind, I have been evicted. I appreciate that as a lodger, I have no tenancy rights but surely I should have rights to my own possessions?
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