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  1. I have had worse trust me but I got smart and managed to understand how to deal with it. It was when they called my mother and I have the recording telling her that I will rot in Jail and be raped if I ever fly through the UAE and more !!! lovely words and language. I actually presented this to Mr Coyle at CWD and asked him how he and his firm and indeed IDR when they started operating can represent such a company or agents I can see this is the same as Moriarty in there letters etc of threats but like the guys say here reply where you need. personally I would not and use my messages to CWD that they have no right and unless they have purchased this debt then I have nothing more to say and please go to the next step whatever that may be. I am the same as you and a few others I am in touch with that we have no assets and no savings etc and would only declare myself bankrupt if it ever came to that In regards to the debt being included in that i have heard many versions so I cannot confirm but my understanding is that it would be however you could not travel to Dubai or any GCC country as it still would be outstanding there
  2. agree with DX100uk on the reply. Every time I have replied or complained about those firms to the FO and FCA they take an age to come back and even then its with nothing new as they cannot do anything. for what its worth my debt is over 70k and even that has been inflated ! so no worries there. There are many thousands out there in the same situation. In regards to COB and even Stepchange don't even bother as they have no idea themselves something which I complained to the FO about as CWD and IDR use in there letters to seek advice when they know full well that no charity or debt company know anything about the debt in dubai situation so this is again unfair to be using this. what also annoys me is that nobody ever signs off letters its IDR or Moriaty law etc !!!! I have never supplied my financial details and never will and only when and if and I will repeat when and if that the debt i owe is purchased by a UK firm or indeed taken through the correct channels or courts then I will defence myself. It makes me alugh that they think a small c;laims court understands everything that goes on and dont understand the full picture of laws that are broken and sometimes human rights also. The best one to date for me was in 2011 imagine my new job and my new partner and some stupid collection agency in Dubai send a Fax to my director about my debt !!!! embarrassing but at the same time good to get it off my chest. they then called my partner in her work !!!! (yes this was the first time she found out about everything again good to talk) against the law, against any laws but this is how the banks and the agents work similar to those of CWD, IDR and I think Moriaty dont pay a penny !
  3. Sorry but sounds like early days if CWD and lately IDR. Been dealing with this since 2009 and still going on as well as those crazy collection agency’s in Dubai also still emailing to this day. I set up a special email account where I have everything from CWD, IDR and all others so it’s all in one place and the laws that have been broken. Upon discussions also with R. Sterling at detained in Dubai its also been helpful. Currently with the FO with my complaints against the attempted collection of debt in the UK when it has not been passed through the correct channels regardless of what is in the T&C. Personally I would not pay any ting until as people know that debt has been passed through the correct manner of courts in the UAE or indeed purchased by a UK company which then I will be happy to defend given the laws here and whT I have available. Make sure to ask for everything when the time come all statements, extra charges terms at the time of supposed signing etc ! Listen to the team also
  4. all in the same boat Em and the team here will support do not be afraid
  5. agree !! something fishy here and not right !!! I went through this in 2014 and pushed back with CWD when they were trying to operate IDR of there offices and the answer I got was they are just representing the bank and pay direct into a IBAN account.
  6. Ok. Did you not question this from the outset ?
  7. Hmm solicitors acting for a foreign bank with a foreign debt not passed through the courts of the UAE !?
  8. Hornsey just wanted to ask have CWD bought the debt after being passed through the courts of the UAE or are they still acting on behalf of the bank and your payments will still go to the bank and not CWD ?
  9. Personally wouldn’t pay them a penny sorry ! Debt is still owned by the UAE and not passed through the courts there also T&Cs are presented but never explained at all about any clauses etc regardless of year etc but this should be done by the agents
  10. Yes it would be good to see as I think it maybe only a matte of time for me also although different circumstances on on another note after 3 years the FO have finally acknowledged my complaint and the daily mail and the FO have written to Mr Coyle and indeed IDR. It seems that now they are using solicitors as debt collectors without titles and without signing off emails very shady and very dodgy ! I will certainly update you once I get my feedback
  11. Yes but they can never explain how then can enforce and the debt has never been enforced through the courts in the UAE either. Mr Coyle and his band members from CWD and now IDR they seem to be crossing over can never explain and it annoys me and when you talk to the FCA or FO they say it’s fine in some respects but it’s not.
  12. Sorry to hear that. For me it’s only a matter of time but I’m fighting IDRWW and CWD and I’m looking into taking CWD to court also for their 9 years of unprofessional abuse on the back of DCA in Dubai also. Latest update is I received an email from IDRWW one Mr Letheren who was also with CWD who contacted me in 2014 so I’m guessing he’s moved over to IDRWW. The email contained a document that you cannot open and have to request a pin !! Ive repeatedly told them I will not entertain anything until this debt has been bought with all 4 banks and they issue court summons then I shall file my defence with 9 years of evidence from the abuse received.
  13. Ahhhh IDRWW and Mr Coyle and CWD !!!! 10 years of this rubbish don't worry like the guys here say the will do all they can. My last correspondence with IDRWW was in January of this year and after my last letter saying to them basically telling them to show me what you can do or indeed get Mr Coyle from CWD to get in touch then I will reply I have heard nothing again. I want for the next round from them or the others from Dubai its a fun game (also all other debt collection agencies in Dubai which seemed to have backed off a little ) I am the same 11 years ago from Dubai now and 6 years ago someone from CWD (when they were getting excited and starting out) had the cheek to call me at work to which I took them to the cleaners !! for breaking every rule possible. It was only when i seen an email then from IDRWW using there offices that I knew what he was trying to do
  14. I’ve fired an email this morning again and copied in the SRA, Step change, FO And the FCA. I will continue to send this until I am heard. I will not have Mr Coyle and his partners (ones who called me at my work and were working as debt collectors under the CWD name) get away with acting unlawfully knowing full well people here do not know the full story of debt in Dubai. The SRA especially need to do some research into this and instruct somehow those judges who sit in small claims courts to understand there is a lot more to this story and believe me there is plenty. It cannot go unnoticed any longer and not allow CWD to win these cases without anyone knowing the full story.
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