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  1. Interesting comment that and well done to you but I disagree with some of your points (after 11 years dealing with Mr Coyle) I will feedback shortly after being made bankrupt which I was waiting for but I want to feedback what happened at the hearing, what is happening now and the pro bono lawyers I’m in touch with that have been very helpful and to help others in similar circumstances. Coyle White Devine are bullies! Period
  2. Amazing and thank you for that. of course I’m worried my life is about to change and no job for a stupid decision. I intend to help whoever I can going forward I think it’s important to let justice prevail. the newspaper is the national in the UAE
  3. If you think I was worried that content could be seen by either firms then you are wrong otherwise I would not have posted. now is the start of my own personal journey to bring the 2 companies into the light and really investigate what they do and how they do things. If anyone reads this I have an article soon
  4. Not really I am just waiting for the OR I guess to be in touch and do what they do. No idea
  5. Sorry to say but I don’t think the judge gave a rats a*** she was quite abrupt and didn’t give me change to speak or at least state a case. I think she had already made her mind up. I don’t mind the situation and it’s not about if I defended the SD or not as that’s my own thoughts, it’s the fact Mr Letheren didn’t have the balls to attend the hearing or Mr Coyle. It’s not the end by any means as I still insist they are doing something wrong. I have an article going in the national newspaper where the editor is a good friend and I will be naming both his companies and Rak bank also. Sorry to say but this has not been dealt with in the right way which is a sad day for the justice system in the uk
  6. Me neither. The fact now I will not have a job so no money to pay I really don’t understand. I just think it’s personal with them. Just such cowards that Mr Letheren or Mr Coyle could not represent themselves.
  7. Very sad day for the justice system! made bankrupt by international Debt recovery and they didn’t even have the balls to represent themselves shocking! sorry to say justice has not been served here and they will not hear the last of this as my case against them now takes shape
  8. Well I am going to oppose the bankruptcy obviously on the correct form. This is what’s instructed to do. The question is do I send the affidavit together with the form
  9. Good Morning DX. just a quick one as I prepare my witness statements etc and get some information from Dubai. Should I send the opposing bankruptcy off first to the judge or should this be sent together with the witness statement also? thanks
  10. Before I upload my documents for my case I would be interested to know how this case ended?
  11. It’s a real shame I don’t get to see Mr Coyle or one of his colleagues in court. I was looking forward to this. Unfortunately it’s a phone call which I find somewhat shabby and odd!
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