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  1. Before I upload my documents for my case I would be interested to know how this case ended?
  2. It’s a real shame I don’t get to see Mr Coyle or one of his colleagues in court. I was looking forward to this. Unfortunately it’s a phone call which I find somewhat shabby and odd!
  3. Thanks Andy. Is there a specific form that needs filling out?
  4. Hi Andy. I only received these yesterday through the post so I have yet to prepare anything. I do however have all my evidence and supporting documentation to give to the court and a few extra things gathered since 2014. Which form is needed to oppose the bankruptcy. I also should have my docs back next week from the FO regarding my complaints
  5. Creditors Bankruptcy Petition Thanks Creditors Bankruptcy Petition.pdf
  6. I literally have nothing! Never have never will that’s just how my life has gone. Whatever the motivation I’ll wait for the next move only took 7 years!
  7. FO, CA yet to come back to me on the latest complaint but on the SAR request I made to IDR they did not tell the full and correct story to the FO which I’ve seen in communication. Very poor. I’ve update the FO yesterday on this as it’s important they know the full conversation
  8. Process server has today attempted to serve a bankruptcy petition from IDR!
  9. Thanks. I already did that to you a few weeks back. I ignored it. As I told you I don’t wish to entertain IDR not a small claims court that doesn’t know about foreign jurisdiction and everything around the collection of debt. If I managed to see Mr Coyle in court then this would benefit me as I have 10 years of evidence and information to state my case as to why they are wrong in what they are doing
  10. Appreciate the concern and I will await for those papers to come from the respective court. If it means I get to see them in court so be it but I have a very very good case from 10 years of history which I have tried and tried to explain to Mr Coyle but to no avail.
  11. These were hand delivered with a stamp from a gentleman from the company mentioned. I wait to see if the court will give an order of substituted service
  12. Hi DX. Small update. IDR using a private investigator company ABI to attempt to deliver a SD. I didn’t entertain this nor did I set it aside. Waited a few weeks and the same investigator attempting to deliver a Bankruptcy Petition. Again will not entertain. im actually shocked and in disbelief that Mr Coyle and his firms would go to great lengths when they know they are not following the correct laws. it will be interesting to see the future
  13. As it’s states in 2016. I refused to pay anymore as at time Mr Coleman of CWD could not find my payment nor the bank!
  14. Hi DX. Finally after 7 years here we go the famous statutory demand. Advice welcome in regards to replying direct firstly and then setting aside (which forms) SD.pdf
  15. True DX. Interesting chat with national debt line today and that are shocked at the extent of Mr Coyle and his 2 companies are going to and the great lengths they are trying to enforce debt collection in the UK for UAE debts! I have engaged once again with Mr Coyle and once again made another complaint to the FCA regarding his actions and IDR trying to issue a SD based on a debt that they do not even own! shocking
  16. Well it seems it’s Mr Letheren from IDR that has issued this! Interesting to say the least. So apparently a SD coming Monday after 11 years
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