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  1. @dx100uki recently got my article published in the National in Dubai. Do you think it’s worth me sharing the link here to help others ? Thanks
  2. I made an agreement with Emirates and I pay £20 a month through Iban job done. I got in touch with the hierarchy on LinkedIn and explained my situation and also the fact it’s been 11 years and I’m getting tired of dirty Dubai collection agencies and then these uk solicitors trying to collect it. I just said either sell the debt and let me deal with this in the uk or at least accept my payment. They accepted as reduced my loan/cc and no more hassle. The other 2 banks I am at a standstill as they have broke Every law from the penal code in the UAE and central ba
  3. Yes this is what they did and are still doing by the sounds of it.
  4. This is very true. When I questioned Mr Coyle Mr Letheren ( who by the way was operating under a different job title for IDRWW which I called him out on) and Mr Coleman part of CwD about their knowledge and do they know the full facts to the letters they are sending out, the only answer I would ever get is that “we represent the bank we don’t own the debt” to which point I give up. They don’t have any legal right and even the FCA confirmed this with me although they are free to chase but until they buy this debt and that debt has passed through the courts of the UAE in
  5. A load of rubbish and I cannot believe Mr Coyle and his cronies are still trying this on during Covid. They do not own the debt simple as that!!! I replied back to them time and time again and even the people at IDRWW to tell them if they continue to message me each time I will send it to the SRA and the FCA and make my complaint. I even told step change and citizens advice as they still quote to seek help when then know full well they cannot as nobody is up to speed with what to do. I communicate with the banks and the banks only as this is who I owe my money to
  6. I’ve heard recently that IDRWW and Mr Coyle are at it again !!!! Maybe another email to the SRA and The FCA is needed! when are they going to stop abusing and harassing when they don’t even own the debt
  7. Personally I would reply the same as CWD IDRWW Moriarty etc same blah blah blah they cannot do anything. Ever since I sent my complaints to the FCA and others I’ve not heard back and now have a personal email from the banking agency in Dubai to negotiate a £10 per month payment direct to the bank and that’s it take it or leave it. Only if and when it passes the correct laws and legislation will I listen. I am now on twitter also guys following good people and calling out these so called solicitors in the UK making the FOS and FCA aware as well as the SRA. Plea
  8. Ask to show proof they have purchased the debt and the paperwork from the courts in the UAE and then the UK
  9. Thanks DX but believe me without you guys here and following in for the last years I would of gone into depression trust me. Now it’s having confidence and again thanks to you and the team it’s helps but I also had to do a lot of research from 2011 and get smart. It was only in 2014 it started to get heavy but I was prepared. The only thing for me is waiting that is all just waiting either CWD or this new one Moriarty as I owe 4 banks total £90k ( with charges ) but by the law and correct. the funny thing is I have settlement offers from the banks themselv
  10. Yes correct good point but I did this firstly for the 50 daily emails from collection agencies in dubai and then from uk firms which had helped massively as I have all the proof filed by date and in order.
  11. Only my advice but like I said the guys here have been great and very supportive this is just me from dealing with this since 2010 and the rubbish I’ve had to endure however there is always light ! create an email and keep all communication there so you have everything. No calls no letters etc only email and you can keep track especially when they get nasty. I’ve sent everything to the FCA to show them this and it’s good.
  12. And on top of this also in the early days CWD were acting as a DCA using solicitors as DCA’s which is against the law for sure which is why the created CWD. I’m sure the directors or Moriarty if you look at company house are trying to do the same thing using wording in such letters to scare and force people into responding and paying but again they do not own the debt email the banks and work with them to offer payment small if you can and if not ask them to take it through the courts of the UAE and then the UK to which then it is signed over and the correct paperwork registered.
  13. Deal direct with the bank and the bank only ! Get all your statements and everything in english complain to central bank about collection agencies Bilkish, Tahseel etc the worst ones and use the Penal Code also against them to follow the laws of the UAE Complain to the FCA, The FO and the SRA and keep complaining as I have done and nearly have a break through they are not following the law and will not get away with it. I’m talking about Moriarty and CWD/ IDR they have no right to be acting for these inhumane companies and if they are then they don’t follow the ethics
  14. There is not one solicitor, judge, charity, individual that know about debt in Dubai being collected in the UK. You should not pay anyone it’s pointless mate trust me and listen to the guys and all their advice. Did this small time judge know about the collection agents, ruthless laws not followed and not even passed through the courts of the UAE regardless of T&C ! And the directly tactics used !
  15. Actually cannot believe this got passed in a court of law when they don’t even owe the debt ! Talk about double standards or what. No chance I would accept that sorry and would certainly go to the next step
  16. Thanks for your note much appreciated but I can and will ignore as much as I can as I have done for many years until correct laws are followed. If and when the time comes thanks Bankruptcy will help me a lot (you don't know my situation) but appreciated the link very helpful. I will not see anybody in a court room for a foreign debt nor should anyone on here be entertaining sending paperwork, financial details etc to a firm that do not even own your debt ! and then on the backside the hammered by other collection agents etc for the same debt to be collected.
  17. Thanks and very good to know that this firm are trying now just unbelievable !! Hoping the FCA comes back to me soon
  18. a new one for my on Saturday email to my new work place !!!!!! Unbelievable
  19. Exactly the same as CWD were doing but could never follow through only acting and when challenge they have nothing to come on !
  20. **Another interesting note the CSA have come back to me as I sent an email from Mr Coyle where he states that although not a member of the CSA they try to follow the rules which I disagreed. The Head of Services asked me to share this information which I have done and in looking at the below link for the code of practice especially page 28 many of these things are never followed https://cdn.ymaws.com/csa-uk.site-ym.com/resource/resmgr/docs/code_of_practice/code_of_practice.pdf
  21. I have had worse trust me but I got smart and managed to understand how to deal with it. It was when they called my mother and I have the recording telling her that I will rot in Jail and be raped if I ever fly through the UAE and more !!! lovely words and language. I actually presented this to Mr Coyle at CWD and asked him how he and his firm and indeed IDR when they started operating can represent such a company or agents I can see this is the same as Moriarty in there letters etc of threats but like the guys say here reply where you need. personally I would not and use my messa
  22. agree with DX100uk on the reply. Every time I have replied or complained about those firms to the FO and FCA they take an age to come back and even then its with nothing new as they cannot do anything. for what its worth my debt is over 70k and even that has been inflated ! so no worries there. There are many thousands out there in the same situation. In regards to COB and even Stepchange don't even bother as they have no idea themselves something which I complained to the FO about as CWD and IDR use in there letters to seek advice when they know full well that no charity or d
  23. Sorry but sounds like early days if CWD and lately IDR. Been dealing with this since 2009 and still going on as well as those crazy collection agency’s in Dubai also still emailing to this day. I set up a special email account where I have everything from CWD, IDR and all others so it’s all in one place and the laws that have been broken. Upon discussions also with R. Sterling at detained in Dubai its also been helpful. Currently with the FO with my complaints against the attempted collection of debt in the UK when it has not been passed through the correct chan
  24. all in the same boat Em and the team here will support do not be afraid
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