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  1. Thanks Andy, will re order as suggested any thing important/ procedural I need to add?
  2. Morning Andy / Everyone- WS draft enclosed if you can have a read / review / advise? I'll need to complete this and send this week as the court states 2 clear days before the hearing in their documents TIA All, I'm nervous about the whole hearing thing so any help / advise appreciated! Redacted witness statement.docx.pdf
  3. Ok, thanks Andy- so now just to prepare & submit my witness statement, detailing objections as to why the SJ application should be denied ?
  4. This is the response from the court re venue Andy & the inclusion is the expert report and it’s reference in their WS, can I still push / insist to move to local court? What you say is correct in relation to hearings where the parties would be attending in person. However, this present hearing is by telephone conference and geographical location is not significant. It will be open to you at the hearing to request transfer of the case to Xxxxxxx. The Judge may deal with that particular point when you raise it, although the hearing is to resolve the issues raised i
  5. Thanks for this Andy, To clarify, at what point should I make it known that I disagree / Agree with the experts findings? And I assume, state reasons why? I should also say that the EW report they have enclosed with their SJ application is generic document and it is stated in their WS that it is not written specifically for this case
  6. Yes, it’s in their DQ Andy. However, nothing has happened with the DQ so far, due to their SJ application pausing that process? (As I understood from previous comments in the thread) This expert report is incorporated into & referenced in their witness statement relating to their SJ application. The scan I posted is their justification for its inclusion. I have not agreed to allow the expert witness, I have asked the court if they have, and requested to move the venue to my local court, no response to date. The auto reply stated that they wil
  7. Nothing new Andy, Just getting ready for the SJ hearing scheduled for next month
  8. Morning Andy, Regarding the inclusion of the Expert witness- See justification from the witness statement, trying to backdoor the "expert witness" without permission?
  9. Ok, makes sense - thanks for clarifying. Is there an official process regarding changing the venue, or just a matter of writing / calling?
  10. So there isn’t much to read Andy it says upon transfer from the CCMCC and After reading the claimants application for SJ without notice it is ordered that attend a hearing on this date I have re checked and I have had no other docs from the court since the letter re the transfer to decide track and directions. feels like a step has been missed or skipped for some reason?
  11. I can scan the court docs received with SJ and upload if that would be helpful
  12. No date for a hearing for CMC no Andy Date of next May @ Slough re the SJ application
  13. I haven’t had an N155 Andy or any documentation to confirm a delay. Last correspondence was as to say that the claim had been transferred to Slough to determine track & directions. (slough is not my local court, I expected a transfer to my local court as requested in the DQ) So should I write to the court to confirm that they have allowed the expert, or await N155?
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