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  1. I feel the NHS are too slow/reluctant to prescribe medication nowadays. They have gone from one extreme to the other. Years ago, they prescribed too much, now they are reluctant to prescribe anything. There is no happy middle ground. I blame this on cost (practice managers watching the budget like hawks?) and the fact that too many younger GP's follow current guidelines like 'sheep' and don't (aren't allowed to?) use their own initiative anymore. There again - it could be the 'suing culture' we have now that is making them err too much on the side of caution. If they prescribe something and you die - they are worried about blame? Who knows. When requesting medication for a problem, they will often fob you off with:- ''I can't prescribe you that'':- a) ''It can be addictive'' (NHS speak for '' it's too expensive'') b) ''It can cause cancer'' (NHS speak for ''it's too expensive'') c) '' Have you tried relaxation methods? (''ditto) My all time favorite is : ''Have you tried anti-histamines?'' It amazes me. If you take a Dog to the vet in this country - the vet will see it is sick and will prescribe the necessary medication. A vet will not let an animal suffer. And yet - people are very often only given help when all other (cheaper?) options have been exhausted. That's the downside of the NHS . There are good things about it as well - For example, I think they do a great job (considering the huge influx/strain that has been put on it, especially with NHS tourism/influx of immigration), when there is only so much in the pot. And I think that most nurses do a great job - I had a recent stay in hospital and the nurses worked their socks off! It's mainly the NHS GP Practices that I am unimpressed with.
  2. I agree - This system takes away from Patient Confidentiality. For example, if I have an embarrassing (potentially serious) problem - I want to discuss it in PRIVATE, I want it to be between Me, The Doctor and the 4 Walls. I don't want to have to discuss private matters with a Receptionist. I can remember having a problem 'of an intimate nature' not so long ago, and when the Receptionist said 'somebody will phone back to ask further questions over the phone' (after getting me to tell her first what my problem was), I was reduced to taking my phone into the bathroom with me (with the taps running) - because I didn't want my teenagers to hear me discussing something that I felt should be discussed in private. Whoever made up this stupid system probably never thought of this problem. I also thing its harmful in the long run, because, supposing for example, a young man finds a lump. He is probably SO embarrassed, he only wants to discuss it ONCE and IN PRIVATE. It might put him off seeking medical advice if he has to: 1) Discuss it with a Receptionist first. 2) Wait for a phone call back - where he might have to discuss it again, possibly in front of other members of his family, (if they phone back at an inconvenient time). 3) Then, he eventually gets to discuss it with a Doctor. Steps 1) and 2) could put him off following through to Step 3.. I find this new system worrying.
  3. sillygirl, it can't be breakthough insomnia as I have been taking it for about 2 years.
  4. Thanks Mr Mastiff - I might mention it to the Doc (I expect I will get treated like a hypochondriac), but its worth a try.
  5. Mr Mastif - you are right - the medication is called Mirtazapine - and it no longer seems to be working. You say there have been a number of issues with this medication, can you elaborate? Also, what is the name of the self-help group? It sounds as if other people could be having the same problem as me........... An update: I went to a different chemist and received another brand (also generic) - and that doesn't seem to be working either - still no sleep. There has obviously been a serious drop in quality in this medication recently - as the old batch of tablets I found worked perfectly well. -either that or I have become immune. (seems like another trip to the doctor is on the cards
  6. I could chance getting them from the same place, (it would give me an opportunity to discuss things with the pharmacist) but don't think I can stand another whole month of sleepless nights if I getting another iffy lot of tablets! I think problems are arising because everywhere is trying to do things for as cheaply as possible, so quality has gone down. Similar to what's happened with the clothing industry.. they find the cheapest place possible (usually overseas) to do the manufacturing - and the customer ends up paying the price. Its happening in all areas.
  7. Good idea! I think I will have a chat with the Pharmacist. They are a small place and very friendly and chatty - so think they would be receptive to 'constructive' criticism. (well its not really criticism) (I will get my next batch from Boots first though - don't want 2 lots of dud tablets lol)
  8. Something I meant to add:- Who decides which brand of medicine you receive. Is it the GP or Pharmacist? For example - When I hand in my prescription at the Chemist, can I say to the Pharmacist ''Please can you give me a different brand to X... because X brand didn't work last time and I would like to try Y'' Also - Who decides whether it should be generic or otherwise? (I'm sure there are other consumers that would be interested to know the answers to these questions!)
  9. I have been taking medication to help me sleep ( for approximately 2 years). (It is an anti-depressant that causes drowsiness - so works quite well as a sleep aid). Well - It has always worked very well in the past. This last month however, after picking up my meds from the Chemist, I have lain awake night after night after night. After about 2 weeks of sleepless nights, it did cross my mind that maybe I had picked up a 'bad batch'..... my reasoning being that you can get faults in other goods - so why not medicine as well? Then I thought -maybe that's ridiculous - maybe I have just become immune to them and need to now change my meds to something else or change the dose or something....... But, then I found an old strip that still had 2 tablets left in it (from a couple of months previously) - and I took them for the next two nights (as an experiment) - and I Slept like a Baby! So, now I know that there IS a fault with the new batch (even though I have examined the boxes and inside info and they both appear to be the same - same make and everything). My question to any Pharmacists/GP's (or anybody with any views) reading this is: In your experience - does this sort of thing happen often? What do you think causes it? Is it the drug companies trying to cut corners? Or pharmacies trying to keep costs down, Or is it: a simple manufacturing problem (once in a while the odd batch might 'slip through the net' and be missing the active ingredients) or Use of sub-standard ingredients. Is it possible to ask the Pharmacist if he/she could give me another 'brand'? (or would the GP have to prescribe me another brand - How does that work?) I don't really want to go back to my GP (because he and I had words the last time I went to see him) (Co-incidence that I start having problems with my medication after that? - that's crossed my mind). Lack of sleep is making me think allsorts!! Can Doctors prescribe placebos/sub-standard meds without you knowing? Any advice appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Well, its all quiet on the Western Front (still). I am still doing a 'watch and wait'. and still looking around in the meantime - but they all involve traveling further - hence the 'standing my ground' at the moment..... I still haven't phoned to check if anything was added to my notes. What I will do is - If/when I have to see a doctor, I will ask receptionist if I can see a different doctor and then ask that doctor if there's anything written about me!
  11. Thanks again - everybody! The advice (and support) has been great. After sleeping on it - I'm not going to rush to leave. I've been a patient there for years - He's only been there 5 minutes. Why should I be the one that has to leave? The next time I have to go there - I will monitor the atmosphere and if I'm still not happy - at least I have enough information now and quite a few avenues that I can explore..
  12. I think I may leave. Things would just b too awkward if I stayed. Although, the way things are going - I would be surprised if this place still exists in a few years time. Thanks for the advice - Now its a matter of finding another place.....
  13. Ditto. This guy, I think, is the Head GP of the Practice. He calls the shots! (I really know how to pick em:oops:) If I were to complain, I think I would have to go outside of this place altogether. (although, I could phone up (to make sure), and ask who is Head of Practice - But, I'm almost sure its this person I saw!
  14. Hmmm. Will maybe go down this route. thanks! (although I am wary that the whole thing will backfire on me - somehow!) I think, unfortunately, we are encouraged from a very early age to 'respect/revere/accept without question' Doctors and other authority figures.............. so, it does makes it difficult, when the time comes - to question their judgement/authority
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