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  1. Saw this in the Times today. I know it relates to small business loans, but could the judges ruling affect all debt cases where the debt company refuse or redact commercially sensitive documents in support of their case? the Appeal Judges full reasoning it can be found here: http://www.nabcustomersupportgroup.o...montoria--oak- This is so far the most interesting part of the Judgement: Anyway want do you think? sidley
  2. Thanks Unclebulgaria, We, obviously, need advice. Who would be the best people to go to? CAB for example? As I said her hands (just google OA hands worst deformities - you will get an idea of how bad she is) are so disabling that she can still dress herself for example, but then needs to rest her hands for an hour or so afterwards. I can't think of any job where you don't need to use your hands! (opening doors, using phones, computers, paperwork, etc). Nor can I imagine an employer saying "you've done 60 mins work today - now have the rest of the day off on full pay"
  3. Hello there, My wife (62) has advanced arthritis on both hands and wrists (inherited from her mother's side of the family). She left her job as a youth carer in January of this year because amongst other issues with her inability to work they pushed her into office and admin. However, with her arthritis, writing or using computers became impossible. As nearly all jobs available requires some use of hands, which she is unable to do, what benefits would be available to her. Does my wife qualify for anything? Other info. She does have arthritis in all area
  4. I need further advice on this topic. Update: HSBC only granted us a 1 year extension with a modest increase in monthly payments. My wife's mother died at the end of August last year. We were able to persuade her father to move to a special mobility flat (rented) 1/2 mile away from us. As my wife and her sister have power of attorney they sold his bungalow (E. Sussex) just before Xmas. He has a full set of marbles but is incredibly frail/ 80% blind (unable to move even around the flat w/out electric wheelchair). After the sale he
  5. Hi Gumboil, I, too, had a letter from Cabot offering a whooping 73% off, offer is only open for 21 days. This is the first I've heard from them since June 2017, I assume they must be going through their books looking at unenforceable debts and hoping someone will take the bait. Reading on this forum, sometime ago, someone who used to work for a DCA said that in the 3 years they worked there the company had changed name twice. Same staff, same office and same telephones just different name and FCA licence. It seems DCAs do this musical merry-go-round, I don't know why exactly. So, may
  6. Hi there, thanks to oldrouge and honeybee Had the phone call today, it seems they want us to fill in an income/expenditure form before they can discuss the options. I've also done some research about the deprivation of income re care home fees. Helpful website says that in the case of inheritance tax the 7 year rule applies, but in the case of care home fees there is not time limit, so the local authority can go back as far as they like. However, to recover monies they would have to go court and prove deprivation of income was indeed intended. They also say that in the ca
  7. Hi there, It has taken HSBC 8 weeks to reply to my complaint (pretty standard with them, they take it to the wire). They phoned and I spoke to the customer service dept. He did apologise for the lack of communication and they way they have handle the case and gave me £150 comp. They will only grant a 12 month extension and tomorrow their mortgage dept will be calling to try and sell me something (changing our mortgage or increase my monthly payments - according to him). However, he did say that if I had my inheritance by the end of the extension, then a further extension,
  8. Thank you very much oldrouge for your kind help cheers sidley
  9. Cheers old cogger, Yes I am beginning to find out that despite their promises they just don't seem to care! I will soon write a letter of formal complaint to them and if no luck take it to the FOS. I've heard good and bad stories about the FOS, so I hope it will be a good one for me.
  10. Cheers oldrouge, It's been 4 weeks since my last recorded delivery reminder to them about the absence of any response so far. Can I ask you how long I should wait? cheers sidley
  11. Thank you dx100uk, I will mention that to HSBC, but they advertise that they are willing to engage with people who will have difficulty paying off the capital but they don't seem to be living up to their promise! sidley
  12. Thanks ericsbrother for your help, I do have a way of settling the mortgage but not at this moment. Hence my desire to extend the current mortgage for 24 months which would be more than ample. cheers sidley
  13. Hi there, Unfortunately, HSBC seem to be refusing to answer any of our letters (despite reminders) the one posted above is the only one received to date. I have sent the last 2 recorded delivery, but still no success this is despite numerous letters from HSBC to mortgage holders who are coming to an end reminding us that the mortgage is coming to a close and to contact them if you are in difficulties. They are just not engaging with us in any way! What do you think I should do now? Thanks for all your help sidley
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