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  1. Help! I have now got bill for £200 - to replace headlight bulb!!! includes 3 more bulbs (which were all working when left) and "secondhand unit to replace burnt out electric body panel". Is the onus on me to pay this? elecs were fine when i left it with just one blown bulb. Does anyone know legal position? if i'd known it would cost this much I'd have MOT'd first (due soon)to see if viable. thanks
  2. I took my citroen xsara into local small garage to change headlight bulb mon am (have to take bumper off and headlight unit out to change a bulb!). everything else was working properly (drove back from hols day before in snow/dark plus mechanic admits was all working). quoted approx £20 depending on time taken. went to collect later in day to be told was having problems - no horn, wipers,sidelights. next day he got auto-electrician to check and said he'd wired sidelights to headlights so at least i could use (no good for mot though). anyway, on checking i found no indicators so couldn't d
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