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  1. It is almost a year since I posted this item. An update: The Financial Ombudsman Service has had nothing but grief from NFU Mutual. NFU have been stalling all the way . I quote a from a recent Email from the FOS to me "Your frustration is understandable and I do agree that NFU Mutual has had a reasonable amount of time so far to respond to the view I issued on 9 December 2013. Should I not hear from the insurer by 21 January 2014, I will ask an ombudsman to consider issuing a final decision on the complaint." Well NFU did respond refusing to accept the FOS Adjudicator's reccomendation. So it's on to an ombudsman to make a decision which I am told will take time. I wonder, at 70 will I live long enough to see the end of this. If I had known how long this process was going to take I would have gone to the County Court and sued for breach of contract.
  2. Haven’t got much time to stay with this thread as my wife is very ill in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. Compared with Funchal Hospital going into the QE was like going into a 5 star hotel with gourmet food. I agree with dacouc says about keeping complaints short and concise, this was and it clearly documented 9 lies told by the French company. The cost of the mobile phone usage alone approached £200. I had to arrange the UK Hospital admission. When I telephoned the duty doctor in the coronary heart department at the QE the response was "no problem could you let me know when and get me a doctors report” which I did. We traveled back to the UK with a doctor, no oxygen was required nor had it ever been specified! Just one of many delaying tactics.
  3. I have a Home and Lifestyle policy with NFU Mutual which contains annual holiday insurance handled by a French company called Mutuaide. Before I go on I must stress NFU Mutual are a brilliant company. On the down side they use Mutuaide as the holiday insurance handler as do loads of other insurers. 2 weeks ago my wife and I had a holiday in Madeira. My wife fell ill on arrival. Several days later she was admitted to hospital inMadeira with a heart problem. My daughter in the UK went into our local NFU branch told them what had happened which kicked Mutuaide into gear. The hospital stabilises my wife and said she needed repatriation with a doctor in attendance. What followed was a nightmare Mutuaide avoiding doing anything, excuses like; the most difficult task was to get someone admitted to a UK Hospital, it took up to 48 hours to get permission to take oxygen onto an aircraft. Both lies. Anyway my wife did not require oxygen plus aircraft have to carry medical oxygen anyway. If it were not for our determination and eventually intervention of our local NFU office we would still be there. I have just submitted a 3,000 word complaint. Before you take out holiday insurance check Mutuaide is not the underlying provider.
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