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  1. Thanks. The debt is $521 roughly, and I did get advertising for it, but they cut the ads off before I reached the credit limit, which means that I didn't get enough traffic to make the thing work. Plus their click prices were supposed to be 5c, whereas they ended up a lot higher. I don't have a company, though - I was operating under my own name.
  2. Thanks! So, just that I get it - they'd have to take me to court in the US ( even though I wouldn't be physically present ) and win the case, then apply to a local court in the UK just to get to the stage that a UK company would be at starting off? They'd have to win the case in the US in order to apply to obtain a CCJ or whatever in the UK?
  3. Hi, many thanks for your advice! Regarding the courts in the US, if they did take me to court, what would the procedure be? Is it kind of similar to the way debt collectors and courts in the UK work? Thanks again.
  4. Hi, just found the forum here - everything looks great and I felt that it would be a great place to get reliable advice, so here I am! I'm currently being threatened by US debt collectors, but I'm in the UK. i got a credit line from a US advertising company which I began using to promote my business ( as a sole trader ). Unfortunately, things didn't go too well, as their ad inventory wasn't good ( common knowledge, apparently ). they've started sending me invoices, and now I'm about 5 days late on the first payment of just over $500. The ad company has now told me that unless I confirm that I'm making the payment within the next two days, they're passing it on to their 'outside debt collection agency'. They also said that their collectors have a great track record of recovering debts, even from people outside of the US. I just felt that I was being intimidated and they refused to give me more time to pay. They then said that I would be liable for the expenses of the collection agency on top of the actual bill itself. Realistically, what can they do, seeing as I'm a British citizen and they're in the US? There was no contract, just a basic written agreement ( which they didn't keep themselves - they were supposed to extend me $5000 of ad credit, then bill me 30 days afterwards ). Advice would be greatly appreciated!
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