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  1. Hi both, yes I've just spent a good hour reading through the CAB report on RLP and it has been extremely helpful. I've been swallowed up in panic over sister's future prospects and also trying to calm her down and rationalise things a little as I think she has visions of answering the door one day to see policemen on the doorstep and be carted off in cuffs and thrown in a cell. Having spoken to a friend who is in the RMP (brainwave as I know nobody else in the police) he has said that the store cannot call the police after the event and also, if she does get letters from RLP that they cannot charge her for staff, security time etc etc. All they could have done is either call the police or made her pay for the goods stolen which they didn't do as obviously they took them back. Thanks for all your help, it's helped my nerves, never mind hers! . Hopefully that will be the last of it but I shall take her straight to the CAB if she does get any letters. Hopefully this will be the first and last time, lesson learned I think that this will be a one off performance.
  2. Hmmm, just been told by a friend's boyfriend (policeman) that they are allowed access to her N.I number :-$. I shall be calling the CAB tomorrow as that seems to be the way to go with this. There is no way she can afford to pay the sort of fine I'm imagining her getting as she is on benefits (£400 per month for everything as living at home with parents and having to pay keep etc out of it). Silly silly girl!
  3. So the fact she provided her N.I number at their request is a wrongdoing of theirs? I wondered to myself if this was to ensure she didn't slip through the net and end up working for them or them employing her now she has done what she has with them? Were they definitely not allowed her N.I number because if that's true, that does give her a bit of ground to stand on. Thanks for that . Fair play to you as regards to the security guard as well .
  4. I'm cross with her for shoplifting, I don't deny that's wrong and to be honest it is very out of character for her but the fact is, she caused no damage, was co-operative throughout and this is her first offence (another reason I can't fathom why she did it as she certainly isn't some hardened criminal). I do believe that as she caused no damage and the products were returned in the condition they left the store in, that she should not be charged for them but Superdrug have told her she will have a fine for the value of the products plus admin costs.
  5. No. No police called or even notified. She was asked and did the following; She left the store with the products and was asked to return to the store with their security guard, she was then taken through to a back office and asked to provide name, contact number, N.I number and have her photo taken and asked to sign two forms (a copy for them and herself) and then allowed to leave the store albeit with a lifetime ban of Superdrug and a two year ban at the shopping centre it took place in. She was there for about 40 minutes in total but there was no sign or mention of the police being called and no police officers attended.
  6. Hi, thanks. I've just seen you're right, it hasn't been long at all but I am worried sick for my sister (along with being cross as well but trying to balance it wityh some sympathy as she is very remorseful, in tears etc) and also the fact that as the cosmetics were returned intact and no seals broken etc, I don't really see why she should have to pay for them in that instance. I'm also getting frightened at the amount this company seem to demand from people for innocent mistakes as well as purpseful attempts at shoplifting (such as my sister). I don't know if I said above but she did sign a form admitting she understood what had been said to her and admitting she had committed a attempted theft and been caught. Would that make any difference in making her liable to pay any costs? I'm never having children if this is what sisters do to you ;-).
  7. Anyone? I've read things on here about RLP. How should she deal with them if she gets any letters etc from them?
  8. Hi, I'm wondering if any of you can help me. My sister is usually of good character, has no criminal record and has never been in trouble with the police before. Yesterday she was caught stealing approximately £50 worth of cosmetics/perfume from Superdrug. The police were not called or even notified, store security took her name, address, contact telephone number, photo and N.I number. I do not condone her behaviour but she is in a state and realises it was a stupid stupid stupid thing to do. Superdrug have banned her for life from their stores and the shopping centre it happened in have given her a two year ban. She has been told that she will recieve a letter in the post for a Civil Recovery Claim and my questions are as follows: A) How much is the CRC likely to be for? B) Can Superdrug stores ban her for life? She is worried about going in to one by mistake and getting arrested or something. C) Will this CRC and her details being put on a 'Dishonesty Database' affect any future employment etc? Will it come up in a CRB check for instance? Thanks in advance for any help .
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