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  1. I'm not sure how she'd go about proving she was elsewhere when money was withdrawn from her account, some of the cash was withdrawn from ATM machines in places that she's never even been to in Uganda but how does she physically prove that? My mum is about 80% deaf, so luckily she hasn't spoken to them on the phone but unfortunately, she can't hear word for word what people are saying to her, I'm not sure what the letter says, but my mum did go to her branch where they told her that her card is a chip and pin debit card so it had to be her using it, which makes sense as bank do not acknowl
  2. Hi all, hopefully I'm posting this in the right section To cut a long story short, my mum went to Uganda back in May, during her time there [i suspect] she was a victim of 'skimming' and around £700 went missing from her bank account. When she got back to the UK, we took a look at her statement and the ~£700 was withdrawn from various ATM's around Kampala in increments over a few days. Barclays bank did initially cover my mum's losses whilst they supposedly opened an investigation, but just a few days ago, they basically sent her a letter saying that because her card uses the chip a
  3. About 6 years ago I did leave my job voluntarily and received a 24 week sanction, since then I haven't left any more jobs, been late/missed any appointments or anything. That one previous sanction was from a previous claim for JSA though, this is a different claim so I think this would be a first offence? So it is likely I'm facing a sanction?
  4. Hi all Currently I attend a work programme with TCV Enterprises (formerly BTCV) and accidentally missed 1 work programme appointment 2 weeks ago. The reason that I missed the appointment was because my signing time at the JCP was changed and due to TCV being in the same town as the JCP where I sign, for convenience (as I have to get a train to appointments), I asked for that to be changed too; they were fine with changing it but I now remember my WP advisor saying that they couldn't offer me an appointment on the same day, but they could offer me one the day before I was due to sign. He
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