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  1. Hi Dx Thanks. I thought as much but reading other posts on this subject I noticed that the older account holders have had trouble in getting their required information. I was hoping to find out if it's worth pursuing as I know the Barclaycard 'debt' was sold on, I've had a plethora of companies hassling me over the years. Most, if not all, of what is owed is due to charges. Thanks.
  2. Hi Just wondered if anyone could advise on best course of action to possibly reclaim PPI. I had a loan from Barclays in 2004 which I paid back in full later on that year. I know I had PPI but I have since closed the account and no longer bank with Barclays. Is it worth pursuing a PPI claim ? What's the 1st step ? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. I also had a Barclaycard in 2004 which is also closed and wondered how I would find out if I had PPI ? I have no statements relating to this card but do know there is an outstanding balance largely due to
  3. Hi All, Just an update on the situation with Lowells / Red. The initial letter from Lowells stated I had 14 days to respond to their demand for money. The letter was dated 6/10/11. On the 19/10/11 I received a letter from Red Debt Collection Services stating; " Dear Miss xxxxxxx RECOVERING WHAT YOU OWE Lowell Financial Ltd passed your account details to us so we can collect the money you owe on their behalf. You must now pay us £1582.97. We are specialists in assesing accounts for litigation. So we will be obtaining a copy of your credit file in order to review your financi
  4. Hi thanks for that but as I said I haven't got time/inclination to at present. I am grateful for all the advice but just getting lowlife Lowells off my case will be my priority. I am going to ignore initial letter and return any further as not at this address. Mangomouse
  5. Hi Cerberusalert I probably misconstrued the info I was given, I was under the impression that 6 years from the date of cards activation was the limit for reclaiming any ppi/charges. I'm waiting to see what further threats Lowells write to me before I decide on my next move. As I said though I really just wish they would get lost. Mangomouse
  6. Hi Intend, it's over 6 years since I had the card and I've been told that you can't make a claim. I'm not bothered anyway I just want these cheeky scumbags from Lowells to get lost.
  7. Hi All, Thank you for taking the time to alleviate some of my stress when I received the Lowell's letter. Without going into too much detail, my partner has been quite ill for the last month and any phone calls from this **** outfit Lowells could be detrimental to his well being. I am VERY tempted to just ignore this first letter and return any more I receive as "No longer at this address" I am not on electoral register or anything. The thing that gets me is if I were to be allowed to reclaim PPI it would probably negate the amount I owe and then some. I just want them to go away as I really h
  8. Once again, thank you for taking the time to advise on this matter. I think I wil get a copy of my credit file and see what it says. I am also going to ignore Lowlife as from reading the threads on here I think it would be futile to acknowledge them. Good luck with your neighbours, have you informed the councils environmental dept ? Noise pollution is not something you should have to put up with. Mangomouse
  9. Hi Bazooka Yes I now live in Scotland (Remote Highlands). I haven't looked at any credit file on me since around 2004/5. After reading stuff on here I didn't want to apply for mine as then it would confirm my home address ( Which I don't own) and could result in Lowell or whoever to start phoning / turning up. I am 99% certain I have had no dealings with this since 2005, wish I was sure. I'm inclined to take your initial advice and ignore the letter and any subsequent letters. The amount is wrong also, more interestingly is it correct that an OC has to inform you when they pass on a deb
  10. Hi All, Many thanks for the replies, as I don't have a scanner here is the letter below. The reason I'm so anxious about this is if they start calling my partners house asking for me. As stated on my previous post he would become extremely anxious and I don't want these people causing him any grief. In answer to Nailpost, thanks for taking the time btw, They are claiming I owe £1,582.97, which I certainly don't. My last remembered contact with the OC Barclycard was 2005 0r 2006. I seriously can't remember as my Mother died in 2004 and my Father in 2005, I also became a fulltime student and mov
  11. Cheers Bazooka much appreciated, hope the neighbours quiet down soon Mangomouse
  12. Bazooka I would be grateful if you could advise on my situation, my thread has been moved to the debt collection forum on here, I'm pretty naive about all this and was very shocked and worried when I received their letter today. My thread is titled Old Debt - Advice Needed. Thanks, Mangomouse
  13. I would be interested to hear what you find out, they've done the same to me and are now chasing a debt over 6 yrs old.
  14. Hi Citizen B Many thanks for taking the time to reply. I have been told that as the loan was taken out in 2004 I'm not able to reclaim, however this isn't the issue, I am more concerned with this Lowell outfit obtaining info about me and then calling the house or turning up. As stated the debt was from 2004 and I may have made the odd payment in 2005, I moved round a bit so can't be definite. I can't understand how a company can use a credit reference agency file to ascertain my assets and determine how much I can pay them. Reading through other threads on here I'm inclined to believe th
  15. In 2004 I aquired a barclay card credit card, a couple of months after my mother had died. I also took out a £4000.00 personal loan, which I repaid in full. I then switched banks, after becoming a full time student, to RBS, who I still bank with. Today 13/10/11 I received a letter from Lowell Portfolio group informing me that they had obtained a copy of my credit file and had ascertained that I "make payments to another creditor such as a bank, credit card, mobile phone provider from this address". They go on to admit the debt has been outstanding for some considerable time and to
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