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  1. Thank you. They are trying to evict me was ment to be friday!! What letter can I send to them to claim this back please . Point me in the right direction and I will try and find it on the site .. Thanks
  2. Claim back the charges from halifax for sending a representative to my door without an appointment . £85 every time ??
  3. The halifax have made 4 visits without an appointment . does this mean I can claim this back ??
  4. I am looking for work and know that would be the best thing. I could easily afford the mortgage plus some then. I have been told I am entitled to smi but they changed my benefits. Told I am allowed both icome and contributions. So can |I ask the court to stay this ??
  5. Has any one else been through this . Help please
  6. They have told me I am entitled to both ??? How confusing is that ?
  7. I asked for interest ony. They declined .. Lost to know what to do .
  8. I cannot get my head around this.. I was told i was on Income based . then told it was a mistake. so they are now telling me I have to have six months on contribution based and then wait another 13 weeks. Mean while |I am being evicted on the 5th October. I did not go to the courts because I managed to get a temp job. I rang the halifax and they said it would be better if i worked and paid my mortgage. The hearing was on the 6th of March. I started work on the 5th. I paid my mortgage every week . Including the extra they asked for. When the temp job finished I contacted halifax and they said if the dwp paid my interest they would be ok about it ... But they didn't
  9. I have been told to get an JSA 3 form but by the look of it this will takes ages to be dealt with. Looking on the net I have seen people mention an MI12 form. Should fill in both ?? Thank you all
  10. Thanks. I will go back tomorrow. Regarding the JSA I was told I was on income based and would get SMI . I have only worked for 9 weeks in a temp position. When I received the eviction notice from the court I contacted DWP, they said it was a mistake and I was on contribution based with a underlying eledgability to income based, whatever that means. The lady at housing also spoke to them and basically said ..... They say you can't claim smi until next January ???? Goodness knows, I have no partner, no children and no savings... Re claiming ESA I claimed last year but was told I am fit for work. I am on medication for life now for my depression and also have COPD. I am so worried about being homeless. If the court allows me more time is their anything I can do or say to them ??
  11. I owe 3800 including charges . I have a 35 grand mortgage. I have more than 50% equity
  12. They will fill in the N422 or what ever it is called. Is there anything I am able to say to the court \/
  13. They are trying to help . But didn't have a lot of faith when she said she is not an expert in housing or DWP ?
  14. We do not have a shelter in this area . Contacted a place called Fusion. formerly CHAS
  15. Is there anything I can do. Been to the local housing for help. She knows less than me . Been told i was on income based jsa. Halifax agreed to take interest only. But now jsa said that was a mistake. Though I have a letter saying I was on income based. Well it seems likes 2 weeks and I will be homeless . Have contacted the council. They are trying to help because I have mental health problems. Not easy to admit. Where do i go from here
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