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  1. Hi steampowered Thanks for clarifying this, I thought the landlord would be the first point of contact if there is a problem, I have contacted the council regarding this and spoken to a few people in noise pollution. In the meantime I'm looking for somewhere to live so if anyone knows of any agencies in London that accepted DSS please point in the right direction. I registered with one that charges £5 for a one off registration (to keep the site going apparantley) but it turns out it's just a fraud.... Thanks again for all the advice and info. ~M~
  2. Hi DD What happened with the two boys is that my friend bumped into one them one morning and asked him if he happened to hear the noise from the flat above them and confirmed that yes they could hear a racket and in his words, starting to affect him. When my friend told him that he will be contacting the landlord and would they be willing to call him also, he changed his tune and said it doesn't really bother him that much and he's not one to complain about these things. He did say however that he is happy for his name to be mentioned to the landlord and that it's ok for my mate to tell him
  3. I certainly will and thank you again for the good advice Kind regards ~M~
  4. Hi Daniella No this is a private property that I forgot to mention used to be a brothel! The day I came to view the flat the guy that was handing the tenancy over to me buzzed someone up who rung the bell without checking who it is. This big Jamaican guy knocked on the door and asked WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BROTHEL THAT USED TO BE HERE? I was shocked and of course asked the LL later on who denied it. Then the agency's handy men came to do some work in the bathroom confirmed this also and the agency still denies it to this day. I have even had it confirmed by the two young guys who live in th
  5. Dear Stu007 Thank you for the advice. I didn't go and stayed home again it's 21:50 and am dreading what may happen between now and 5am. I did have second thoughts about what you're saying and you are right but - and I don't justify this - the lack of sleep frustration and anger at the injustice of this whole situation has given me the urge to kill. So to speak. Plus I don't have any family and no friends apart from this one who has been nothing short of a saint and i know if anything happened to me he would go out of his way to protect me at great risk to his personal safety, so
  6. High there I was thinking of deducting the cost of the hotel stay from the rent so they can see Im serious and really suffering, this isnt good for my health either! As the agency aren't doing anything to sort this problem I feel so angry at them I want to hit them where it hurts: in the pocket! They take take take the money but don't want to deal with any problems. Today I called the twit from the agency and you know what? He told me he's in LA!! I know he is abroad as the ring tone makes the same sound when someone is abroad.....what a nightmare Thanks for the advice all the same
  7. Hi Daniella I do get the impression the guy from the agency seems to think Im a moaning old witch because I've heard them talk to the landlord over the phone before hes phoned my friend regarding this problem. As we told the LL those two are very good at playing the poor little innocent girl act then really turn on the cruelty when they hang up just to make my life hell. An example: when the LL called to say how upset they are that they don't feel they can relax in their home and after the visit from the council officer they are thinking of leaving and burst into tears, my friend replied
  8. Today I sent the diary sheets with additional information to the council and also called them for advice. It's as you suggested, if they kick off call the noise team so they can witness the racket. I will be happy to do that but I don't think i'm going to survive another month without sleep! Thanks again!
  9. Hi The sound isn't bass that's making the thumping sound it really is the sound of something being thrown against the wall or the floor, as I said when I hear the THUMP it make I jump out of my skin. Now imagine that 27 times in a row at 3am. it's enough to make you go insane
  10. Well at the start I was getting bounced around and nobody wanted to really show any interest, I called today and was advised to call them in the eve if they kick off again (which they will) I rent from a private land lord but it falls under Croydon council. This is getting too much for me now ~marone~
  11. I'm sorry I don't know why the text came out in one big lump~Marone~
  12. Hello again everyone. My life is one sodding problem after another! Ok my problem is that in the flat below me two girls moved in about a month and a bit ago. Ever since they moved into the flat below they make so much noise it's unbelievable, I mean it's not every day living noises this is something else. They bang doors and make thumping sounds so hard and loud you would think they are throwing an elephant around the flat! My friend who helps out with the shopping and cleaning politely spoke to them on THREE occasions asking them to please control the noise a little as it's not letti
  13. No they didn't say a thing so I will chase them up on Monday! Thank you and thank you all for the advice seriously Best wishes and kind regards Marone
  14. Thank you for the info! Regards Marone
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