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  1. update. here is the reply i rec'd from orange I want to send a reply back, but i don't want to give away too much of my case... is that a legit concern? can someone look at my reply and advise? thanks in advance
  2. excellent. thank you very much for the info. i'll keep this thread updated when I get a response. cheers
  3. Hi Rebel, We've sent a formal letter (email) of complaint. we sent it to Mr Swantee who is the chief exec of EE, and we rec'd a reply from his assistant. At first they weren't willing to do anything except offer a payment plan which would extend our contract by at least a year. We pushed harder and they offered to reduce the charges by half, which we didn't agree to as we should've been contacted and the rate for the charges are no where to be found in the t&c. We offered to pay the monthly price plan amount, as that is the only rate/figure found on the agreement an
  4. Hi fellow CAGers, its been a long time. I've gotten all my finances in order and thought I would be free until I ran into a problem with Orange. I've had a mobile phone contract for about 3-4 years. I've always paid by direct debit, and my bill has never reached even £60. At the end of June this year, I received a bill for over £300 Orange allowed me to go over my plan by 700 minutes plus. I contacted them on the same day I rec'd my bill, and asked them why they didn't they inform me that I had gone over my plan. They said that they don'
  5. Updated...So, finally got around to filling the form out to set aside judgement & i decided to withdraw my claim - sent this to the court in jan 30 rec'd form back from court the next week in feb saying they needed more information, which i sent back on the same day. So the court has had the application since the third week in february the latest. received another letter from the solicitors in april - saying that they are filling to have the judgement set aside and are seeking costs (over £1k + application fee). I emailed them back stating that I had already applied for
  6. It depends actually. It depends on the judge's view, your arguments against c1's arguments, how well you can convnce the judge, and your evidence (case law, etc.). Some judges might even bypass the limitaton act as a matter of principle if you can convnce them on everything else (like my judge was considering doing). t would get struck out. The reason being is that the litigation clauses that state that if the defense has not answer a point asserted by the plaintiff, that they have then, by omission, have agreed that its true. So, if we make a claim against c1 and say reason
  7. just a quick note, when you make the court claim, and c1 puts in their defense - if their defense doesn't pertain to your claim or doesn't answer every point of your claim - file for the court to throwout their defense and make a judgement against them a defendant must answer every part of the claim intheir defense i didnt know this until a week or so before my court date - had i'd known - i would have filed and had a pre-hearing which would've gone in my favour.
  8. i'm glad costs weren't awarded as well a lot of people have been saying that I should appeal, but since no money was lost, i'm not gonna make a big issue out of it. i'm taking it as a learning experience for any future litigation. the barrister wasn't from Henderson Chambers - although, i don't know where she was from
  9. Hi Everyone, sorry for the delay in getting back. After the case I just needed a break from it all. Well, we lost. However, c1 lost as well. My charges were £180 (most of which were statute barred). I was asking for over £2k in restitution. C1 made a counter claim for their costs, which was also over £2k I could not convince the judge on any points at all. I couldn't convince him on concealment, mistake, or even that the c1 couldn't hide behind s.6.2. The court case was scheduled for 2 hours, and last for abour 2 1/2 - 3 hours. With all of that, th
  10. update... received a letter from some solicitors on behalf of cc. They are asking me to set aside the judgement. Here are their reasons They say they never received the Claim Form - I don't believe that as the claim form was sent to the address that all my letters were sent to, and all their responses were sent from. (This is the important bit) The say that because the claim was against Citi Group Centre and there is no legal entity called that. The correct name should be Citi Financial Europe Plc - When I looked, I stupidly put the building name as the defendant I al
  11. @Huggy, don't take it personal lol, there are members here that will help and has spread themselves all over the forum. I know of one kind person ' Slick', he tends to come on late though as he has his own live etc etc The best thing is read some more here. Your LB looks fine in regards to what you have said so far...... I will warn you though from my own experience Capital One is hard work I am at the court stage with them and if you are serious you need to get reading not only on here but on laws and case laws in order to try and get them to settle and as IMS says they will go ALL
  12. I need some help to look over my WS and my bundle, I have a few things that I found that I want to include in the bundle. I will upload them in a few to be checked please.
  13. Hi Slick, thanks for getting back to me. I here what you're saying. The only reason i was looking into it was as a way to counter the argument cap1 used in regard to ss' case I can see why it was viewed as being a mistake in law (primarily) - but then again that's on my very limited understanding of all of this legal stuffs. I was looking for case law that was based on mistake in fact (so there couldn't be any misunderstanding/misinterpretation), and that's how i ended up looking in concealment. I didn't even know that concealment was discussed in any capacity in
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