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  1. We were paying it off quite happily but they kept cancelling the repayment agreements and sending out threat-o-grams and then when we complained they would send us a compensation cheque and reinstate the payment plan and then the following month it would be cancelled again, it was like being on an incompetent merry-go-round. In then end we lost patience with them and told them if they wanted to play silly sods then default the accounts and we would pay them back over 6 years (the amount of time their default would be on our files.) Halifax actually agreed to this in writing, but never got round to defaulting the accounts and now we have Iqor on our tails. If Iqor ever do decide to write to us, they will be told the same thing. Default the accounts and collect monthly for the next 6 years
  2. Because a default comes off your credit file after 6 years, a company can report on your credit file for up to 6 years after they have stopped putting AR markers on it. I don't have a problem paying this off, I do have a problem with them possibly reporting on my file for up to 6 years after I have paid it.
  3. Hi guys, not been on for a while but am in need of a little advice please. We have been having a dispute with Halifax regarding O/D fees and to cut a long story short, told them that we would happily make payments on the account once they had put it into default instead of placing AR markers on our credit files. They have not put the accounts into default even though we have been asking them to do this for months and we have letters from them telling us that they would, and yesterday we recieved letters from them telling us they were passing the accounts onto Iqor This in itself is not a problem, they will be told the same as Halifax - stop with the AR markers and default the accounts and we will pay you!!!! Anyway, the bit I would like advice on, do Iqor have to write to me before they start hounding me on the phone or does the letter from Halifax count as a notice of assignment? Since Monday - yes they starting ringing me on Bank Holiday Monday 1-4-13, I have ignored 5 phone calls and 1 text message
  4. There is no hiding from the boss Listen to what these guys are saying Spacecadet they know what's what. Any default will drop off your file after 6 years.
  5. Do what you think is right. It is ok me saying I would report them or I would not report them, but that is me. If you do decide to report this person, it is anonymous so you won't be named anyway. Only you can decide on this one.
  6. I would send a strongly worded letter to the store manager and CC it to head office, outline your complaint and suggest compensation in shopping vouchers as a goodwill gesture. That way, when you are in there again, taking your time in the wines and spirits aisle (which I have been known to do too to compare prices), you can tell the security guard to shove it when he complains again.
  7. Got to agree with Ims, if you don't have internet banking, then I would recommend getting it. No more paper statements if you don't want them and all your info at your fingertips when you want it.
  8. Your a star (but did you have to make me cry in post 1?)
  9. Also I have not given up, quit or stopped............ I am choosing not to smoke at this time
  10. Not said much on facebook, but I am now 2 1/2 weeks smoke free and I have done it cold turkey. I am using a free online support group that I stumbled upon when I was looking up a medical problem for a friend. You can find them here. http://www.stayquit.co.uk/uk/login/login.php
  11. Hi and welcome. We are seeing more and more cases like yours. Try not to worry, if you KNOW you are doing nothing wrong then you should be able to prove it to them. Is there any reason why your husband is listed at yours? Does he get any post there - bank statements etc? Is he paying rent or mortgage for the place he is at now? You may need to provide evidence that he is living elsewhere. Who is the other person they say is living at your house? I think, it is up to tax credits to prove that you are doing wrong, but if you have enough ammunition to prove you are in the right, it may speed things along a bit.
  12. Taken off what I had posted as I had mis-read your post!!!!!! Sorry HB
  13. How long did it take for your Noddle activation code to come through, signed up last night and still waiting!
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