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  1. Thank you for your reply. I just dont understand why they think they have a case against me. I didnt purposly miss lead them in any way. I'll end up paying the fine I know just to make it go away and I certainly dont want my name in the paper. I have got a new job now but is quite low paid! better than nothing though and they do say its easier to get another job when you already have one. Not happy with the way the whole things been handled though so will be looking into complaining. Thanks again I just posted a new thread if you'd care to read it.. Thanks
  2. Hi. My 2nd thread on here so i'll just do a quick update on my story. I was invited in January to attend a IUC, got a letter completly out the blue from my local council saying they suspected me of benefit fraud! I claimed council tax benefit in April 2010 after loosing my job. In Nov I received a renewal form from the council asking for details and for my husbands wage slips etc so they could make sure our claim was correct. In June 2010 our working tax credits had gone up but it never dawned on me that I should let the council know. I filled in the renewal forms with all the c
  3. Hi. Just read your story and I've had a similar issue myself. I was invited to a IUC in January. Out of the blue got a lovely letter saying they suspected me of commiting benefit fraud!!! I had no clue why, we'd only claimed it from April 2010 to Nov 2010 after i lost my job. Anyway my interview was fine, the woman was lovely and really put me at ease. Before the interview I'd spoken to a solicitor who'd looked over my paper work and he said it would be with regard to an increase in tax credits! Silly I know but it never occured to me to let the council know that our working tax credit i
  4. And we don't have savings! Only about £300 so savings can't be an issue. Thanks again
  5. Thankyou for your reply. I assure you everything I said is 100% true which is why I'm so baffled by this. I do not see where there reason is to feel the need to interview me. Nor can I see anybody reporting me! I've not done anything to be reported for!!!!!!!! No point in trying not to worry because I'm just beside myself!!! The letter is just awful, I feel like a criminal and I've done nothing wrong. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
  6. Hi Guys new here and would appreciate any advice anyone can give. This morning I received an horrible letter from my local council asking me to attend an interview under caution. It says they suspect they have grounds for criminal prosecution because I have failed to tell them about changes in my income!!!! Im really upset and very scared by this letter. I left my job last Feb due to childcare being a complete nightmare and my quest continues for a job that is around school hours. I am not claiming job seekers and my husband works full time but still classed as a low income, he earns £
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