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Found 17 results

  1. According to the Social Security Administration Act 1992 s116 (2) there are "strict" time limits on when DWP prosecutions are allowed to proceed. The time limits are that evidence of offence/intention to prosecute should be laid before a magistrate; Within 3 months of sufficient evidence coming to light to prosecute OR Up to 12 months from the committing of the offence, whichever is the latter. The date from which the clock starts to tick is dependent upon when a Certificate is issued. Does anyone know who issues the certificate, where, and how it is issued? Hel
  2. I am not sure if this is the place to post this and if its not plz tell me with the right section and I will delete it and repost in that section. Okay so like any good AA meeting should start, hi I'm martin and I'm accused of benefit fraud. The story; I was sent to intraining (DWP work proggrame) I realised quickly that they pigeonhole people into either care, customer service, retail, or deliveries, but I see myself as a budding graphic designer and mobile app developer I expressed this opinion and it turned out there was someone there who knew how to help me and told me the bes
  3. Hi there, I hope you can help me. I am a single mum and have been since my son was 3 months old (he is now 2 years old). I claim Income Support (which is only £46 a week now as they are stopping money from it for debts), Child Tax Credits and Child Benefit as well as Housing Allowance and Council Tax benefits. On saturday I had a letter through saying I am being investigated for alleged benefit fraud and have to attend an interview under caution on June 3rd. It doesn't say what I have been accused of exactly and I am miffed. I do not know. I have thought of 3 possible reasons bu
  4. Hi me and my partner both claim Jobseekers over the summer while we are in between college courses. Recently the DWP have discovered my boyfriend's ISA that he failed to declare.They are investigating his ISA back to 2009 when he first claimed JSA as a single claimant and will also find that he had stocks and shares meaning his overall capital came to £17,000 (£16,000 is the cut off entitlement for JSA).He only had £17,000 in his bank account for a few days as he bought a new laptop, driving lessons and paid off lawyer fees off it, so he went back down to £15,000. He was on JSA for around 2 y
  5. Hi - my first post here but saddened to read through the threads. I have been charged with benefit fraud despite having mental health issues from PTSD and all the ensuing problems. Heres the thing - the DWP appeared at the door with the police last August and stormed my bedroom even though my Mother told them it would give me panic attacks then the DWP woman proceeded to ransack the room while the police were downstairs with me which I have been told contravenes PACE. I wrote a letter to the office manager and to Lord Fraud, sorry, Freud and was of course blown off Hillsborough style. Duri
  6. Cut a long story short I had an interview under caution as I was being accused of claiming benefits I was not entitled to namely Council Tax. I was off work for 6 months and on ESA benefits & council tax, but went back to work on a part-time restricted hours basis. DWP said I was entitled to the benefits as my hours were low - but I stopped claiming ESA. I was then made unfairly redundant and received no pay from my employer for 5 months and claimed JSA as I was unemployed. I told the Council Fraud squad this, and they accepted it was not fraud, but wanted all the money bac
  7. I have recently been a subject of a fraud investigation relating to a housing benefit claim for a former lodging. The landlord and his then partner were also investigated (one of them having jointly signed, with myself, a lodging agreement that falsely stated a higher rent than had been agreed, which was used to support the similarly exaggerated benefit claim). Several weeks ago, I was subjected to an interview under caution. I had already volunteered all of the information about the offence, before the council were even aware that one had taken place, and the interview was really just to
  8. Hi i am posting this on behalf of a friend of mine. Someone has reported her for working whilst on benefits. She recieved a letter and her benefits have been stopped while they investigate this. She phoned them up as she has not been working at all. She is a full time career for her autistic grandson. They wont provide her with any information as to what is happening or when this will be sorted. Is this normal? I was wondering if she sent a SAR request to the council/benefits agency do they have to abide by it? Who would she send it to we are in the gravesham area? She has
  9. Hi, please bear with me I am new to this forum. I hope I am posting in the correct place. I've been charged with "failure to promptly notify the DWP in the prescribed manner of a change of circumstances which you knew would affect your entitlement to Carer's Allowance, namely that you were earning in excess of theh permitte amount Contrary to section 112(1A) and (2) of the Social Security Administration Act 1992 (SS92042). This Charge letter came to me in early Jan 2013. I had attended an Interview Under Caution in February 2012, after I had received a letter from the DWP to attend. So,
  10. Hi All, I'm a newbie, and rightly or wrongly in a panic! So, where to start? I'll try and be as brief as I can: I've just received a scary letter (yesterday) from the council asking me to attend a formal interview on Tuesday 15th March (in accordance with the Police & criminal Evidence Act) that says I am being investigated for Council Tax Benefit Fraud. It doesn't say what they think I've done, and I don't know if I'm guilty, but this all started when I approached them a few weeks ago. It talks about criminal proceedings being taken. I was supposed to be at a training even
  11. I am currently being investigated for benefit fraud. For JSA ESA Housing benefit and Council Tax Benefit. Dating back to 2009. To give you a quick history. My ex huxband was caught cheating in Dec 2008 and in Jan 2009 I threw him out. I had also been made redundant Jan 2009. So I claimed for JSA. I suffered from depression so in Sept 09 I changed my claim to ESA. During both these claims I have also claimed housing and council tax benefit. My ex husband has always been a frequent visitor to my house, as he work in a Comprehensive School about 800 yard from my home. We have a 23 year
  12. Hi, I have received a letter inviting me to an interview under caution at my council offices. An officer from the council and the DWP will be interviewing me. Nobody will tell me the reasons for this. The only reason on the letter is 'We have reason to believe that you may have failed to declare your true circumstances'. The only thing that I can think it could be is the fact that I have had a baby. I am not claiming an extra housing benefit since having the baby as I currently house share. I suffer very greatly with depression and anxiety. I have started receiving child tax credits. C
  13. Benefit fraud - do i need a lawyer? I have to go to court at the beginning of february charghed with benefit fraud. In the IUC I admitted there has been an overpayment of £16,000 income support and said I would pay it back. I have already put in place direct debits to pay it all back... My mitigating circustances are that I have been deeply in depression and on long term heavy medications (11 years) and I just did not give a damn about what happened to my life, i was living with rats, never washing myself or cleaning my home, etc... for a period of 3 years. I have not used this overpayment
  14. Hi there - Im after some advice if anyone can help. My sister-in-law has been accused of benefit and housing fraud and was due to have a Tribunal Hearing today. Her solicitor was confident that she would be found not guilty as the DPW have no real evidence and are just trying their luck (she isnt guilty of what they are accusing her of). She turned up at the Hearing to be told that the Tribunal will not be going ahead as the DWP wish for it to go to Crown Court instead. We were under the impression that the Tribunal were independent and would allow the hearing to go ahead but were persuade
  15. Hi all thanks for taking the time to read this. Back in sept 2009-jan 2010 my father in law asked me to help in unofficially at work and explained to me i could not be paid he just wanted help. I did so for maybe at a push 2 days a week ranging from an hour to sometimes staying all day. His boss explained to me i could be paid a im not employed and i agreed to help out. As a thank you they agreed to give me a little gratuitous payment which i didnt know about and told me again because im not employed by them she would just give me £30 cash more so for petrol than anything else. A
  16. Hi, this is the first time to this site and I need help, i just dont know where to turn. My boyfriend is being taken to court for claiming carers allowance while working and being paid over the maximum £95 limit. He is being done under section 111A (a) and (3) of the SSAA 1992 (stating dishonestly) rather than 112 (without dishonesty). (And also Section 15A (1) and (5) of the Theft Act 1968. The thing is he didnt even know there was a limit of earnings. A close family member said that he was elligible and actually filled out the form for him (the difference in writing is clear to see on the fo
  17. I recieved a letter from the council asking me to attend an interview under caution as they think I have lied about my partner living with me. He moved out last May as we seperated. I claimed help with council tax & rent as only working part time. This was all fine but now they all of a sudden don't believe me, nearly a year later! My Ex has not had a perment address after having to move out of his parents house last Nov, and currently lives with some friends. He has not changed his address with his bank etc, and even though I keep asking him he won't untill he gets perment address fo
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