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  1. Thanks everyone for the help. This has been a nightmare. Veganite, I hope your situation gets resolved soon too.
  2. I contacted Graham (CEO Buy As You View) as requested above. I'm pleased to say he has dealt with this really quickly and has offered to write off the outstanding balance as compensation!! I don't agree obviously that police threats etc. should happen, but I'm very pleased that my situation is resolved.
  3. It was actually a text message (in response to his) - my colleague responded and said that I was on maternity leave and that phone wasn't being used by me, and I believe she offered to get contact details for them to contact me direct. He responded saying "it appears she has moved house without informing us, I called twice by no answer". I spoke to the Area Manager today and he is accepting my payment next week. His explanation was that the guy working the area I live in at the moment isn't usually on that patch so doesn't know the customers etc. Said he would speak to him about the text
  4. Can they actually just do that?! Just call the police and say you have stolen goods? I'm just really surprised that this has happened today to be honest. As I say, I have never missed a payment before and for them to say they are going to the police when a payment is 9 days late, I just find that unbelievable. I am Also 2/3 the way through my agreement so from reading the other posts on here, that makes some kind of a difference?
  5. Thank you for your help. Regarding me moving house, was I obligated to inform them of my change of address? I haven't even told my bank yet... :-/
  6. Yes I am paying the insurances actually.... Was told by the account manager that because I couldn't provide a copy if my house insurance, that I couldn't have the goods without it!! How do you go about claiming it back? Yes I appreciate that's the number they had for me but it's just the nature of the text "contact me or else I'm going to the police"!
  7. Hi I'm currently on maternity leave and has to hand my phone into the office - this has meant someone else having my usual mobile phone for the last month! Today as recorded a text looking for me and threatening to report the goods stolen to police if I didn't call him by tomorrow morning. I have actually missed my direct debit this month which I know is my responsibility - payment comes out on 1st every month and this is the first month I have missed it (my last payment is July 2014 so I'm a fair way into my contract). I will probably not be in a position now to
  8. I have a quick question... I have had a bit of bad luck with jobs at the start of this year so I had a few different pay dates. I forgot to change my direct debit date with welcome twice, but as soon as I realised my mistake (within a day of the missed dd) I contacted them to make the payment by card. I have now been told that I have £20 (maybe £25) charged to my account for missed direct debits and they are calling to take the total payment on Monday to cover the charges. Can they charge me for missing a dd even though my account hasn't fallen into arrears?
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