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  1. panther - yes looking back now I totally agree, and to a point worked. I did become really worried. But i though no, i will fight. What an experience it has been and i really feel for the other people who are currently experiencing it. They need to stop the judgement by default. They need to have all the correct paperwork when first issuing a claim, in an ideal world. Its all about money though isn't it and its how the courts make their money.
  2. I know, I'm so happy about it. :whoo: I could not have done it without you guys so THANK YOU TO YOU ALL WHO HELPED and a donation will be coming when i get paid!!
  3. Hi all, So I called the courts today just to see if they had heard anything and they informed me they had received a letter from claimant and they have discontinued!!!!!!
  4. Good plan....I will post if/when I hear something Thanks Andy!
  5. If 14 working days then last Wednesday. If just 14 days then today
  6. Thanks Andy Still nothing in the post today, I've developed some kind of' sit in the window waiting for postie' behavior at the minute How long do I wait before contacting the courts (if i need to) and advise that nothing has been received from the claimant?
  7. ah right....well they have my SB defense and i will go to court and fight them with everything I have. If i do however receive their WS am I able to resubmit another on defending theirs? (if that makes sense)
  8. I was thinking that Mike770, last ditch attempt....but why pay the court fee?
  9. Hi all, sent my defence/Witness Statement in for the 5th Aug to the courts and claimant , 14 working days before the court date and as yet have not received anything from the claimants. I did receive a without prejudice letter asking for 250 pounds to settle the claim. Is this standard practice from Dryden. I have been reading other posts but i cant really see anything that is similar to mine, they have paid the court fee but not sent and WS to me yet.
  10. Just an update Claimants have paid the court fee, i checked today. I was hoping to get a discontinuation or something similar, but looks like ill be back in court with these idiots!!!
  11. Right, ok i think i understand that. Im glad i asked because i didn't think i needed to do anything else Last question i promise...the paperwork has to be submitted 14 days beforehand. Is this working days or include weekends.....so date of submission 10th/11th August (inc weekends)
  12. Thanks Andy If they have my WS and documents why do I need to send them again?
  13. Hi all, i need a bit of advice. I have been reading through a few threads and it seems the paperwork i received after my set aside wasn't a directions questionnaire. It was just directions. I have no boxes to tick etc. Here's whats stated. the following directions apply to this claim: Each party must deliver to the other party and to the court offices of all documents on which that party intends to rely on at the hearing no later than 14 days before the hearing (its on the 25th Aug). The witness statement stands in place of a defense..Does this mean i do nothing? I really don't know what to do here, should i send the claimant copies of all the paperwork?? There are also other things stated but i can understand them. My questions are, do i wait and do nothing until the hearing or do i need to send off my witness statement and documents again to the courts and claimant? And if i wish to add some things to my WS can I? The last day for them to pay for the hearing was today, i will be calling the courts on Monday to see if this has been paid. Apologies for all the questions, i really don't want to muck things up on the final hurdle
  14. Hi all I've received some paperwork today. Allocated to small claims track. Witness statement stands in place of a defence. Hearing 28th august. Claimant must pay by the end of July Just wondering what do I need to do now...if I do? Let me know if you need anymore info I have also requested again, now that the ccj is set aside they must supply me with the cca. As that was part of the witness/defence. Many thanks
  15. Thanks Andy, I will. If there is any tiny bit of advice I can give to anyone who is going through this process, is that the application to set aside is done so as quickly as you can. My earlier application in October helped me a great deal in winning the set aside but she did have stern words about the October till now delay. If I hadn't had done the October application (albeit completely wrong) I would have, without a doubt, lost.
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