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  1. Good afternoon all, I was employed as a contractor with a small company. They advanced me my fee in advance of work carried out and then cancelled the contract and asked me to pay back the advance. I had already used the money for urgent matters but undertook to repay them asap. They gave me a piece of paper with a date to pay back by which I agreed to as at the time I felt this would be enough time. Unfortunately things did not improve for me and despite my communicated intention to pay the debt back they have not accepted my situation and are going to take action
  2. Hi all, I had a visit from a Marstons agent third week in April who left a note telling me I owed £459.11 on my council tax...I replied on my return home to tell them that I was in arrears by one month and their figure was wrong and that the balance would be payed at the end of April...which it was...today on 12th May I received a reply.... Thank you for your email, We have noted the account XXXXXXX with the information you have provided. Fine amount when issued to Marston: £149.11 Outstanding balance at present: £459.11 Debt and Fees: £459.11 Compliance Fee: £75 En
  3. Thankyou Mariner51..sorry for delay in replying...been a bit manic trying to sort this out....i have more information now..No section 21 has been issued as yet and they are now in an SPT..a while ago the rent payment date was changed on our request to 9th December (with the extra week paid at the time) . The LL wants her to sign a new lease today and agree to pay the rent buffer and January's rent on 9th...this is not feasible although I can pay the months rent on 9th December...Currently the LL agent say he will not accept a rolling tenancy. I will try again to make him understand that it mus
  4. Thanks again Martin...as per your recommendation I was really keen to hear from mariner51 if he's available? Cheers...GIB
  5. Good morning all, My ex and my three school age children are coming to the end of their rental lease on December 1 and want to stay in the property. I provide maintenance and she is on benefits including housing benefits although according to her these have been cut some months ago.(she has been on housing benefit for the last 18 months)...She made an arrangement with the landlords agents to pay a three month 'buffer' when she moved into the property 18 months ago...Unfortunately my income dried up three months ago and the buffer has been used over the those three months and the landlord
  6. Just want to thank you all for your sage advice.... I contacted the EA and pointed out they may have made a teensy error in accounting quoting the material you provided and funnily enough he came back, apologised and said they must have made a mistake! The bill has now magically reduced by 50% With regard to the change of address... they didn't know my new address as I had had cut contact with the club some months before I moved and before any action was taken so I'm not sure how I stand on setting aside but I'm certainly up for the challenge! Not that I feel qualified to g
  7. Hi Plodderton thank you for your message, much appreciated They went to court without notifying me and the first I heard was when I saw the original judgement that had been served to a previous address...
  8. thank you dodgeball..nuch appreciated..so i should question the fee and get them to reduce before paying anything?..its gone up 1400 since yesterday! how best to do that? do i call the EA? thanks again thank you BA...how do i get the broken down fee? call the EA?
  9. I know I feel like such an idiot..I guess Im just so overwhelmed with everything at the minute it slipped through. I dont have a vehicle so no problem there. They didn't leave me anything with regard to fee breakdown. Thank you so much for your reply..much appreciated
  10. Please forgive me if I'm going over old ground and the info I seek is already out there but I'm very distressed and up against time. I have an outstanding debt to a private members club which despite my disputing the charges ( i cancelled the membership when i hit hard times) has apparently gone to court I received a NOTICE OF ENFORCEMENT a couple of weeks ago for the sum of #1200 approx from CES.. ..asking me to pay or make an arrangement by 21st July I am used to being sent intimidation letters by DCA's and I took no notice this morning 22nd July two CES enfor
  11. Thanks very much for your reply Ganymede - you're right of course although I meant from the council really. best GIB
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