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  1. Thanks Redfish You make some good points, What is the reality of a legal win? Its a big question I know and has a lot of variables, haviong already got 50% of the info I am thinking of taking over from the solicitors and pursuing this myself, any ideas?
  2. Hi lisa I have come across those letter templates where they dispute the file onthe grounds of it being in default, I was thinking of using this template and updating it to the effect of listing the diputed points and argusing it through that route? Rgds andmast
  3. Hi Lisa I am in the same boat 2 CCA's with unenforcable errors, I am under the impression that it is against Data protection laws to record information whilst you are in the process of dispute, Can any one out there corroborate this?
  4. Hi Manc What is the update, I am in a DMP with RBS Mint as I have found that they have failed to list the essential prescribed terms in my CCA, In all this saga have you managed to get the card removed from your credit file? rgds
  5. Hi odezi I have a CCA with MBNA, I have had it reviewed and found that not only is it unsigned but alos fails to meet the prescribed terms for interest. I am paying them at the minute under a DMP. What I am after is getting this entry removed from my Credit record, any ideas? thanks
  6. Hi Forum. here is one for you. I have had 3 credit agreements audited by a firm of solictors, they have found multiple breaches in all of them MBNA, RBS & Northern Rock, examples being: Monthly Interest rate of Purchases not stated Annual simple Interest rate on purchase not stated Monthly interest rate on balance transfers not stated Annual simple Interest rate on balance transfers not stated etc.... The list goes on, suffice to say on My MBNA Audit alone I had 7 breaches, Northern Rock 10 & Mint 6. Interstingly the solicitors have not produced a signed CCA! the solictors are a disgrace and are now at the stage where we are preparing to take the final court steps to confrim the agreements as unenforceable as the creditors have not responded to them. anhow my questions are: can I pick up and finish the job, if so where do I start? How do I get these removed from my credit files? Thanks very much
  7. Hello forum. Please can you advise me? I am starting anew role in a buisiness that will require I have a corporate card for travel. I have a bad credit history with late payments logged due to challenging unenforcable agreements. Will the corporate card banks check my personal history when the application is made on my behalf? Do you believe that my personal credit history will likely have my corporate card application refused or is the application simply issuing another card from the corporate account? Thanks for any help rgds andmas
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