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  1. Hello all. Im just going through the process of reclaiming my PPI from Swift via LoanMakers via FCSC. I've no doubt in my mind I have a valid claim so fingers crossed. Personally I think Swift should be refunding the money not the seller as I have im sure Swift knew what the seller was doing. A couple of questions. 1: The PPI has been added to the end of my loan. If im refunded what happens to the money owing? 2: I got into difficulties a few years ago and Swift charged me there normal huge fees and interest. Will I be due a refund on some of that as some of the money owing w
  2. Hi We received a CCJ for an unpaid bill from South East Water. I came home today to find a hand delivered letter from a bailiff from Marstons The fees in the leter are as follows: Judgement Debt:£559.74 Judgement Costs:£147.00 Execution Costs:£111.75 Officers Fees:294.46 Total Levy:£1112.95 This was all on prescribed form No55. I spoke to the Bailiff on the letter and he said that the judgement had been transferred to the High Court. No goods were levied on this visit. When I asked about fees he said I would have to speak to the office. He didn't have hi
  3. I purchased and iPhone 4 on contract from Orange 2 weeks ago. The phone is faulty and apple has agreed it is faulty. I rang Apple and they offered me the following options. 1. Take the phone to an Apple store were it would be replaced. 2. Send the phone to Apple (10 Days) 3. Advanced replacement (requires a credit or debit card deposit of £500) I'm not near an Apple store, I cant be without my phone for 10 days (I can't swap the sim as its one of these stupid micro ones, and my debit card wont authorise a payment of £500 at the moment. I went back to the store
  4. Hi I left my office several months ago and owed business rates. On the 9th September a bailiff turned up at my home when I was out but my wife was in. He handed he a letter saying he would return in 24 hours to collect goods. He did not gain entry into the house. I rang the council and they recalculated the money owed from about £1000 to about £400 dut to me leaving the office. I rang the bailiff on the 15th September to make a payment of £200, he then told me there were additional charges for levy and van high. He could not tell me what the levy was on at the time and tol
  5. Attached are our agreement if anyone can spare 5 mins to advise I would be grateful.swift2a.pdf swift1a.pdf Changed to hide some info. Thanks to those who pointed it out.
  6. They paid off my mortgage arrears. Where do I look for unregulated and how do you mean structured?
  7. Police refushed to log it as stolen and auction wouldn't stop sale.
  8. Done a letter which im taking to the auction. To Whom it may concern. RR: car reg I am the legal owener of the above vehicle and I do not give permission for this vehicle to be sold. The car was taken illegally from me under duress. If the vehicle is not returned to me I will be reporting the car stolen to the police. Yours sincerly... Anything I should add?
  9. Hi We made the huge mistake of taking out a loan with Swift and as well as being behind, we have put our house on the market as we cannot afford Swift's fees, its just putting us in the red with council tax ect. We did take out PPI. What steps should I complete to sort out the PPI issue, maybe overcharging of fees and any other way I can get the buggers. Swift have ruined what was our dream home, were we inteneded to bring up our four children and stay for the rest of our lives. Hopefully my marrage will survive. Loan was for £24,500 over seven years plus other bits were ad
  10. Im giving the whole story and from what im reading the car was taken illegally or like an idiot I gave it away. But what do I say to the police, "I gave the keys away"? Plus will the auction house give me my car back? My plan at the moment is to go and try and buy it for a few hundred, if it goes for more than that give a typed letter to them saying the car is mine and they have no right to sell it and then report it stolen. Still not sure what to say to the police.
  11. Sorry, there was no warrant, but a form he filled in said distress warrant.
  12. They had nothing from a court. The landlord had instructed them. They said because it was commercial no need for court. If I inform the police will it help me get my car back asap? I could go and buy the car tomorrow, it only likely to fetch a few hundred and im losing money not having a car. Will the auction house give it back to me if I show the log book ect? The last thing I want is it sitting there for a week while it gets sorted out.
  13. I spoke to the landlord and he confirmed he sent them round.
  14. Do I ring the auction people, and if i do will I get my car back, or will it be stuck in limbo.
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