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  1. many thanks for the advices. TONY THANKS.I'LL DO IT.
  2. I have a secured loan on Welcome Finance in my old address and I still own the house.I have to moved out as it's getting crowded in the old house,with my friend her family is getting bigger. I can't sell the house as it is a joint mortgage with a friend,plus the house price is depreciating. We both agreed we will sell the house when I finished paying the secured loan as from the start it is a sole application on my name. I am still paying for the secured loan until it finished in 3 years time and that is a guarantee. Shall I inform them of my new address? They might be thinking I am
  3. thanks ton and hungry.i am quite relieved now after reading all your comments. i will continue paying to them as what i can afford.i will keep you all updated.wish me luck:)
  4. i have made my first payment to them recently.i made a mistake making a phone a call as it made me very anxious now.i will write to them and hope they will accept my offer.many thanks bub
  5. thanks hungry i will write to them.hope they will accept it.they were really nasty on the phone that's why i am worried about the legal actions.
  6. sorry the original debt was £500.each month i extend it they will issue a new agreement.so the debt showed it was taken february.
  7. hi hungry.the debt is £600 includes the interest.took it way back january but only paying the interest monthly to extend it.original amount is about £375.they emailed the CCA from quickquid which i elctronically signed.They sent me a final noticed letter to pay the full amount and i phoned them because of this paragraph in the letter. *Our clients have informed us that they are unaware of any legitimate reason for non payment of their account and although they would prefer an amicable settlement, they will not hesitate to commence formal proceedings if required.* I am not happy of no
  8. they emailed the CCA bub to my other email account which i dont used much.I only checked it today.shall i continue making payments to mckenzie to which i can afford?they won't really accept any offer at this point.I'll just wait and see then what happens.I hope they won't take me to court,,,it really make me worry now.
  9. Hi does anybody have any dealings with mckenzie. They have my account in behalf of Quickquid. They won't accept any amicable repayment or settlement as they said I already asked for CCA. I only asked for it for writing, i am not disputing the debt. They will pursue legal action if i won't pay in 7 days.will they pursue on this if i won't make full payment?
  10. my situation is quite confusing to me.i asked mackenzie to provide me a CCA. I havent receive any for allotted time they supposed to send me. and when i receive a letter from them about final notice to pay, i made a phone call to them.they said they have emailed the CCA.I only want it for writing but i don't dispute the debt.they won't make any amicable settlement as they said i already asked for CCA.if i won't pay within 7 days,they will proceed to legal action.i don't want this to happen.will they reaaly pursue for this?any advise please:(
  11. hi.mc kenzie hall got my account already from quickquid. they require me to pay the amount in 7 days.if not they will proceed to legal action.they won't accept amicable settlement as they said i already ask for a CCA. they sent me the cca but through email.it's only electronic signature.will they still proceed to legal proceedings if i won't pay them in full?can anybody give me an advice pls.
  12. hi i have loan with QQ as well. i've been paying them of what i can afford but they seem to ignore it.they just kept emailing me of due payment. today i recieved a letter through post threatened a doorstep collection by meritforce.i havent rang meritforce yet.just want to know if they are more considerate to your payment offer?any advise will do thanks:(
  13. hi bub i have received email as well form wonga as final deman and the same they threatened to take me to court.i've been paying them for almost 3 months now of what i can afford.they wont respond directly to all my emails that i've been paying monthly.i cant call them as i cant afford it.any advise please.
  14. hi!i have a loan with them as well.inspite of sending my monthly repayment they won't acknowledge it as a way of paying my debt.they keep emailing me to pay the full amount.today they've sent me a final warning to pay and they will take legal action.any advice will do as they threatened me legal action.
  15. hi does anybody have the bank details for 1monthloan?I haven't heard from them for a month now but i'm still paying my payment offer though.I would appreciate it if anybody can PM me with their bank details.
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