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  1. thanks both so much for your help - i'll let you know what happens and from reading other threads on QQ no doubt I will need your help again! thank you so much for taking the time to pm me the details as well. S:)
  2. bub - can I ask why you refused paypal? Sorry if its a silly question!
  3. thanks so much both. I have never updated any of my contact details with them including my email address (I do want to point out that I didn't do this deliberately, its was an oversight at the time which obviously is in my favour at the moment). The only email they have for me is an extinct work email for my last job. I am planning on using my yahoo account in orde to contact them and offering a payment plan over 4 months to get rid of the debt via standing order. Is this realistic and do you have an email address for them for me to write to?
  4. thanks for your advice, this site is invaluable! Today the bank have returned the transaction to my account from QQ following my cancellation. I am worried that they will continue to activate DD on my account so will move my money today and open a basic bank account with another provider (any recommendations?) I have logged onto the website and it is now detailing, as expected, that the account is in default. There is a message on the screen to call them to arrange a payment plan. I know that this is perhaps very bad but I do not want to give them my present address and contac
  5. As suspected, the advice on here was spot on! Last night I checked my account online every hour or so and noticed at about 11pm that they had reactivated the DD -I cancelled it again, but whilst I was sleeping (it feels so sinister!) they have reactivated it and drained my account completely. Due to other things direct debits, this payment going out has left me £200 in the red on a unauthorised overdraft and the bank have frustratingly honoured the payment even though there was insufficient funds in the account, so now I will owe the bloody bank their £30 as well no doubt. I am so frustrated I
  6. Hi there Bub, unfortunately QQ did take the money this morning, despite me cancelling the DD last night again. They have completely drained my account leaving me nearly £200 in the red on an unauthorised overdraft and the bank have frustratingly honoured the payment which means the only way to get some money this month is to take out another loan with them. i'm so frustrated I could cry. thanks for your advice though.
  7. Oh god, has this happened to anyone else with the direct debit? I have spoken to my bank and they have agreed with what Ell-enn has said as well.. if there is insufficient funds though will that stop it? What if there is say 400 in the account and the payment they want is 750? I don't have an overdraft facility and it is a solo account.. i am really so so worried that they are going to clear my account! If this has happened to anyone else, how long did it take for them to reinstate the direct debit and withdraw funds?
  8. I know that perhaps this is bad but they don't have my current details like my current address or telephone numbers as since I signed up with them I have moved house and jobs into the city. I haven't deliberately avoided telling them this by the way, just didn't think about the details that they had when reapplying for the loans and only just realised that they don't have my current details when I started looking on here for advice and saw that they do bombard you with phone calls!
  9. Hi there I have a £600 (payback is £750) with quick quid that I have been rolling over for over a year and bit now.. I went to roll it over last night and they had removed the button to request an extension even though I thought I had another 2 months on this currrent loan. I don't have the money to pay it off at all this month and so I have had to cancel the direct debit - if I have done that is there any way they can still try and take money from my account? They do not have my direct debit card details, thank god! Does anyone have any advice for dealing with them and trying
  10. Hi there Do you know whether QQ will be able to withdraw funds on my account if I have cancelled my direct debit yesterday? The payment is due tomorrow and I don't want them to take it before my rent has gone out as that will leave me in a right pickle. They don't have my debit card details so should it be okay? I will contact them and try and arrange a payment plan to get rid of the amount! thanks
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