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  1. A few years ago I was evicted from my home. The water company took out several charging orders based on their legal costs then an order for sale. This was all based on rainwater drainage charges as there was and still is no water connected to the property. they never changed the title at the land registry resulting in me being relentlessly pursued for all the costs associated with the property which I have paid. just over a year ago I tried the back door key and it still worked! Nobody has been in the house my question is whether there is a time limit that to change the
  2. Sadly, it is now over one year ago, and the house is long gone. Yes, the alleged debt was paid, but huge costs were awarded and the judge agreed that the repossession could be based on these costs rather than the alleged debt that had been paid. I know that the whole procedure should have been started over for this reason, but it was not. The judge reasoned that the money paid could be used for any reason and could therefore be counted as part payment of the costs (which were not yet awarded at the time of the payment) rather than payment of the debt! My barrister was stunned and very ill prep
  3. Sorry for the delayed response because of my lack of internet. In court it seems to depend entirely on the judge. Some of them who have actually looked at the details just dismissed the case, but a couple of judges in particular seem so biased in favour of utilities that they granted liability orders than meant I had to pay regardless of anything. I have provided evidence of my new address and really can't understand why bills keep cropping up in my name. I can only guess that if they can manage to get money through court action, regardless of whether the money is owed,
  4. Hi, can anyone here help with advice? I moved from a house several years ago but a couple of the utilities refuse to remove me from the bill. In particular, the water company even added a subsequent tenant to my name to create a joint account with somebody I don't even know. They keep taking me to court as well and if it were not for a friendly ex-neighbour who keeps collecting post and sending it on to me, I woudn't even know about it. As it is, I've tried reasoning with the company but they say that it is against policy to remo
  5. They are very devious and employ a large number of solicitors both in house and externally. They have judges who will reserve the case to themselves, and they took out a number of charging orders for their legal costs of recovering a debt which did not exist. My mortgage company even wrote objecting to the charging orders, but the judge just approved them. Then they went for order for sale, after order for sale, after order for sale, and each time the thousands of pounds the judge granted them for the order of sale procedure was made into another charging order and so on down the e
  6. AW are an extremely devious and greedy bunch of liars. At this point I would be checking daily with the Northampton bulk claims court as they tend to send summons to a previous address, so you never get to find out about the hearing and they win by default then amazingly come up with your correct address afterwards. In my case, they also spelled my name wrongly in continually changing ways, to make it impossible for me to keep track of anything. My only advice, which isn't worth much since I ended up losing everything to them, is to not pay anything. It's tempting borrow money wherever yo
  7. Hi, I've had an account with EDF for several years with a standing order of £120 per month which was always fine until earlier this year when without notice, they tried to take nearly £2000 which the bank stopped (and charged me for stopping). I'm not a heavy energy user, and the £2000 was an estimated amount. So, I tried to transfer to another engergy provider, but EDF refused to let the account go until this estimated bill was paid. I provided readings to both EDF as well as the new company and these showed that there was no outstanding amount, however EDF persi
  8. No, I didn't receive a new card (still haven't) and no notification from Citi at all. I just phoned to make my regular payment and was met with a message saying the Citi office was now closed and all enquires should be directed to Opus. Opus have still not replied to my formal complaint, nor my request to close the account and repay at the old rate, and now they have passed my account to a DCA! Is it now time for court? And yes, I've sent all correspondence recorded and kept copies/receipts.
  9. The court should not have made final an application based on a statute barred debt, but the problem is that British County Courts are like the Wild West. Whatever the judge says goes, and in my experience, the law means very little to the judge and there is practically no way to complain about County Court judges who do not follow the law. In your case, if the house is sold or remortgaged, the debt will now have to be paid, or they can apply for an order of sale which is bad news. In my case they applied for an order of sale several times in rapid succession, each time being granted costs
  10. No reply or acknowledgement to my complaint but they sent me a statement including over £1500 interest at the increased rate for the time it's taken for them to reply to my first letter. I did however receive a response declining my full and final payment offer of the full amount of the account at the time they took over, not including their interest. It seems they're determined to get their incredibly high interest. Btw they still have not addressed my request to close the account and pay off the balance at the old rate. Unfortunately, this huge increase in interest has made the loan unaffo
  11. Mrs. E. Blackadder, I know it seems really bad, and it is really bad, and to be honest, alot of the time the British legal system just stinks. I've also lost my home, although in my case the housing market is so bad and the house is in such poor condition (I was trying to do it up whilst staying with friends) that the mortgage company has agreed to rent it back to me until I can get somewhere permanent to live sorted. I also have almost no income and have to keep it together for people who rely on me... This is the second house I've lost - the first to an ex and now this one to a water com
  12. I have had a Citi card for a number of years and have never been late with a payment. At the end of Last November I tried to make my payment as usual over the phone to be met by a message saying that all enquiries should be directed to Opus. I phoned the Opus number and was told I'd have to pay a late fee and to make matters worse, in the statement that arrived a couple of weeks later, the interest rate had risen from 17.5% to over 38% for some of the balance and over 48% for the rest of it. I phoned again and was told that they were just estimated rates and not to take any notice but just kee
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