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  1. Elvisgb - have you continued to make your monthly payments or have you stopped ? Michael
  2. Pedros - thank you for your response. I have sent a letter before action and have not recieved a response ? Any thoughts on how I should proceed ? Thanks in advance Michael
  3. My payments are direct to Marbles and I have never missed a payment ... should I wait for their response ?
  4. If I stop payment will I recieve a default notice - thus affecting my credit record ?
  5. Cerberusalert - thanks for your response, in view of this should I stop making my monthly payments or should I wait for thier response ? Does this mean I am in quite a strong position ? Thanks again Michael888
  6. Hi - please can someone review the attached, I have recieved the signed copy of my agreement however it does not seem to have any of the required prescribed terms. Does this mean that the agreement is unenforceable ? If so what should my next action be ? See link and also attached MARBLES.pdf http://i753.photobucket.com/albums/xx177/michael888_photos/SCAN0004.jpg Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks CitizenB - please see attached. Michael888 01-09-2009 19;24;40.pdf
  8. Hi - please can someone help ? I have recieved my signed copy of my agreement dating ack to 2000..... it does not have any of the prescribed terms ? I would like to upload for someone to review ? How do I do this ? Also, if there are no prescribed terms does this make the agreement invalid ? Thanks
  9. Please can someone tell me how I start a new thread ? Thank You
  10. Steven, I have sent recorded delivery to the credit card company requesting a true copy of my CCA. It is now 15 working days and they have failed to reply - does this mean I can put the account in dispute and stop my payments ? However, if I do this will they put adverse credit rating on my file ? Thanks Michael
  11. Is there anyone on who has experienced this process that has resulted with a positive outcome ? Also, how long has the process taken ???
  12. So they can "default" me depite the fact that the account is in dispute - if they do that ... is it only the credit company that can request to have the default removed ?
  13. Your help is appreciated - in addition if I respond with an "Account in dispute" letter and do continue to pay, can the credit card company register a default against my name with the credit agencies ??? Apologies for the questions, i want to ensure I get this correct. Thanks in advance Michael
  14. Thanks for your response - neither of the credit card companies (EGG and MBNA) I have wrote to have replied. Both of the agreements are about 7 years old - are you saying then that the 30 day rule no longer applies ? Thanks again
  15. Hi - please can someone asssit and clarify what happens if a credit card company does not reply after 12 days followed by the further 30 day ruling ? Does this mean I can write and inform the credit card company that the account is in dispute ? Ultimately, is it then possible rule that the account is unenforceable until they produce the correct documentation ? Thanks in advance MIchael
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