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  1. To be honest I get really bamboozled with all of the figures and haven't even attempted to work out how much I should have been repaid. I just wrote to the HO of the Bank after making three requests for a copy of the original loan (which I never received).I really didn't think it was going anywhere and was amazed to receive their offer letter today.
  2. To be honest I get really bamboozled with all of the figures and haven't even attempted to work out how much I should have been repaid. I just wrote to the HO of the Bank after making three requests for a copy of the original loan (which I never received).I really didn't think it was going anywhere and was amazed to receive their offer letter today.
  3. I am thrilled to tell you that I have just received an offer from HSBC for £8490.00!! I wrote to them with a feint heart thinking that I could never be that lucky but I have it now in black and white,needless to say that I'm ecstatic. The personal loan finished in September last year so I did think I was pushing my luck but thanks to your advice I thought that I'd try anyway. Many,many thanks for your help and advice and I would urge anyone who felt like me to just write that letter,there was no fuss or arguement, just my money WOO WOO!!! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?304781-PPI-Claim-where-do-I-start
  4. Neither do I. The reason I am following this up with British Gas is the fact that a British Gas engineer condemned this boiler but a few days later a registered Corgi engineer who holds a Gas Safe register ID can overrule the original engineer.At the third attempt a senior inspector from British Gas condemned it again. I have already dealt with this part of it by sending all of the details to British Gas and am awaiting their response. This is a completely seperate matter from the lack of repair and not to be confused with same,namely the lack of repair for over a month when the property is occupied by a young Mother with a child of eighteen months old.
  5. Could someone give me a bit of advice on what recourse I have in the following situation,it's a bit long so please bear with me. My Grandaughter had an assured shorthold tenancy that expired in March 2011,no new agreement was signed so I understand that it would become a periodic tenancy, giving a landlord the right of repossession with two months notice. At the beginning of June her boiler broke down (This is where it gets a bit complex).She informed the Letting Agent and they sent a gas engineer to the property who condemned the boiler so the Letting Agent informed the Landlord that it would need to be replaced. A few days later the Landlord,unbeknown to the Letting Agent sent round another engineer who declared the boiler safe and removed the condemned notice. I was told and, as I am guarantor on the property I spoke to the Letting Agent to express my concern and they sent out another British Gas engineer who promptly condemned the boiler again! This part of the problem I have taken up with British Gas as in the space of two weeks I have two condemned notices and a safe gas certificate in a sandwich which I know cannot be right. However,at the end of all of this, the Landlord then agreed to replace the boiler - result - or so I thought. I waited patiently for another two weeks,bearing in mind that my Grandaughter has an eighteen month old baby and no access to heating or hot water. Two weeks ago no less than four quotes for a replacement boiler were sent to the Landlord and after a great deal of difficulty in actually contacting her the Letting Agent was finally told that the Landlord had agreed to have a new boiler installed by British Gas. Having become rather cynical about all of these promises I rang British Gas who said that they did have a quote on their records but it had not been accepted and no installation date had been given - back to square one. In desperation we went along to the local council who advised me that under Section 11 of the Housing Act they could order the Landlord to do this necessary repair although he did warn me that under Section 21 my Grandaughter could be issued with a notice for possession. Sure enough on Saturday morning, a Section 21 order was issued. So, at the end of all of this, it seems quite obvious that the Landlord had no intention of replacing this boiler and when things got difficult they took the easy way out and issued this notice. The rent on the property is up to date and it has been kept in good order. I realise that the Landlord is within her rights to issue this notice but do I have any case for compensationl for the fact that these necessary have not been done for almost two months. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. My Daughter's cat was taken to the vet over a week ago when he seemed to have trouble breathing and he was found to have blood stained fluid in his chest cavity,as I have had cats for years and have seen the condition before I believed it to be a tumour. The vet did blood tests for FeLV and FIV which were negative,the chest was drained and the pleural fluid was sent to a lab for testing during which time she advised my Daughter that the cat would need to be hospitalised.They then did three xrays and administered Dimazon,Metacam and Synulox daily for six days.The vet made a diagnosis of FIP and to be honest I had never heard of it but after checking I found that this was,in the majority of cases,fatal. The test results came back yesterday and,as I first thought,it turned out to be a cancerous growth and sadly the cat was put to sleep. The cat was not insured and the vet was made aware of this but my Daughter promised to pay the bill but said that she could not pay it all at once which the vet accepted and between us have now paid £200.00 towards a bill of £1292.00. She went into the vet today and asked for their bank account details so that I could set up a standing order to pay off the bill in full but the practise manager became very agressive and said that she was unaware of any arrangement and the cat's remains would not be released until the bill was paid in full. I know that vet bills came be very high and I'm not trying to get out of paying them but going back to my initial thoughts about the cat's illness would I be unreasonable in thinking that blood tests and an xray would have determined the presence of a tumour in the first couple of days? I just have that feeling that not only was the cat left to suffer for over a week while all the time the fees were rising and at no time was my Daughter given any indication of the cost of different treatments and tests,it just seems wrong to me but would value anyone's opinion who may know a little more on the subject.
  7. Thanks for your replies,I am feeling very pleased with myself and even more so with my local councillor. My councillor did comment on the abrupt way that even she was dealt with by the benefits advisor,it was only when she phoned the CEO that the attitude seemed to change,it was quite funny actually,watching her cringe as the CEO appeared. Seriously though,I would advise anyone with a problem with Rundles to seek out your local councillor to tackle the council,mine certainly made them sit up and listen.
  8. True to her word my local councillor turned up today and tooke her turn in the queue to speak to an advisor who insisted that My Grandaughter would sill have to deal with the bailiff. At this my councillor, bless her, took the phone on the advisor's desk and called the CEO who came down immediately. When we showed her the documents and explained the situation she was furious at the way my Grandaughter had been treated and within a matter of minutes she had arranged for the debt to be recalled from the bailiff and,exactly as I had been advised on this site,she said that she would apply for an attachment to benefits of £3.00 per week. She also took the letter that the bailiff had put through my Grandaughter's door and said that she would be contacting the Director of Rundles regarding their actions,she was not at all happy with them. I have just returned home to find an email from the CEO giving me all of the information of her actions,recovery has now ceased and My Grandaughter can settle down again,thank you all once again. All in all, thanks to the good people here this has now been resolved
  9. Sorry night-watchman,I was only joking about my Daughter,she can be very firm but not abusive. I actually took the very good advice of ploddertom - I emailed my local councillor yesterday outlining the whole story from when my Grandaughter split with her partner. She emailed me back this morning and was very sympathetic,she has arranged to meet my Grandaughter at the council offices tom orrow and speak to them on her behalf.She has also forwarded my email to the Chief Executive of the council so hopefully this will be resolved tomorrow. Thank you ploddertom,this definitely seems the right way to go.I will come back and let you know how we get on.
  10. Luckily her Mum lives two minutes away and will be there like a shot if anyone does turn up,she won't take any nonsense from anyone. Let's hope he gets the message before too long.
  11. Thank you for your advice,I am just typing an email to my local councillor outlining the events of the last year and asking for her intervention. I will contact the council again and have told my Grandaughter not to answer the door to anyone she doesn't know.I'll let you know how I get on,thank again for your help.
  12. I don't believe she applied for the 25% discount but to be honest with all of the upheavel during the Summer It wasn't even thought about. The Council said that the amount owed was up to September,when she left the property. I've just spoken to her and she has found yet more paperwork so now I have the breakdown of most of the money. Council tax owed from 01/4/10 to 11/4/10 is £29.62 9(first property) From 14/4/10 to 14/9/10 (second property) £486.94 plus costs of £90.00 (I assume that this is court costs) £0.01 housing benefit = £606.57. I can see that she should have claimed the discount amounting to £121.73 so I can tell the council about that,thank you for pointing that out to me. I think I'm going to give the man at the council a headache.haha
  13. I still don't know the amounts that the bailiff is asking for,the letter he put through the door didn't state anything except that the debt was for arrears. I have a tax statement for the period April 1st 2010 to April 11th with net council tax of £29.62 (first property) - April 12th 2010 to March31st 2011 with net council tax of £1112.10(second property) The couple moved to their second property on On April 12th 2010 and the expartner was removed on June 30th 2010,my Grandaughter remained there until September 14th. As yet the council haven't given me any breakdown of how they arrive at the amounts they say have been given to the bailiff but the figures are £290.95 against the first property and £606.57 against the second. So, a bill of £29.62 has suddenly become £290.95??? My head hurts now! I'm going to email the bailiff again,this time explaining in very plain English that this file needs to be returned to the council asap,copying in my local councillor,very frustrating.
  14. Is it ok to put specific figures and dates on here ? I'll be honest I've no idea how they work it out.
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