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  1. Can you add a link to the tweet so that we can spread the word?
  2. Hi, I was declared bankrupt in 2009 and as it is approaching 3 years the OR is asking for valuations and settlement figures for the house. It looks like after paying off the secured loans (£130k) there will be anywhere between £0k and £15k equity in the property. This is based on 3 valuations by estate agents: £130k to £135k £140k to £145k but test the market at £150k Asking price of £140k to £150k to acheive a minimum figure of £135k These are the figures in the letters from the estate agents, but I have no idea how the OR will interpret them. Will they take the hi
  3. The trouble with distance learning courses is that it often takes a while for you to decide if you are able to complete the course. I took one with Computeach (cost me in the region of £5000) a few years ago and got the materials after the cancellation period had ended. They initially sent me the wrong course materials but I got the right ones in the end. Having started the course I found the materials were full of errors but it was too late to do anything about it, so I persevered. Luckily everything clicked and I got my new career in IT, but for many it ends in disappointment.
  4. Didn't find that group on Facebook. However, if anyone is looking to pursue them through the courts, try looking into their fiduciary duty to do their best for their customers. It might be worth a shot. Fiduciary duty means they have a duty to ensure that anything they do on your behalf is for your best interests. It might be argued that not properly vetting a person's ability to complete the course may be a breach of their fiduciary duty. I may be wrong, but it's worth investigating....
  5. Thanks, I can only offer them about £500, which is a lot less than the £4000 they value it at. Let's seer what they say.
  6. Hi all, I went BR late last year and recently got a letter saying my share in the house is just over £4,000 and they are inviting offers. I have no chance of raising that kind of money, so does anyone know what the next step would be? Will they apply for a charging order or apply for a forced sale? I have had a look at their technical manual here: http://www.insolvency.gov.uk/freedomofinformation/technical/technicalmanual/Ch25-36/Chapter33/Annex/annex_2.htm and according to that they won't apply for a charging order before 2 years and three months after my BR date. Is this always
  7. Hi, I went bankrupt in December last year and during the next few months I was alone in the house, so used very little electricity or gas. We got our bill earlier this week saying that they owed us £490. The next day a letter said that our direct debit payments would be going down to £50 (from £99) a month because based on last year’s usage they expect my bill for the next 12 months to be around £600. I don’t think this will be the case as I will have the wife and two kids here this year, and the heating will be on almost constantly during the winter. I am going to ask them to put the dir
  8. I became totally depressed on Champix and despite having stopped the treatment I still haven't had a cig but the depression hasn't gone.
  9. Hi all, I went bankrupt at the end of last year and recently got a valuation for the house. I thought it was in negative equity but it turns out that the agent expected it to make about £155,000. I owe the mortgage and secured loan a total of £138,000, leaving £17k equity. My question is, will the OR look at the £155k valuation and the £138k owing and come to the same figure of £17k equity, or do they take off a percentage for a quick sale (for example, it was valued at £155k, take off 10% for an auction sale, so it's worth £140k-ish)? If I decide not to buy the beneficial int
  10. I have been on Champix since the beginning of this month. During the first 10 days I went from 30 a day to about 7 or 8. On the 9th of February I gave up and for the first 7 days it was easy, but then I really got the craving last night (was watching the football and we went 1-0 down within a couple of minutes). One thing that has been a good side effect is that I used to drink about 4 or 5 cans of lager every night (yes, every night), but have only had 2 cans in the last 7 days. I just don't feel like drinking any more. I do tend to munch all day and I have had bad stomach pains fo
  11. The debts are 4 credit cards and one Loan. She owes Halifax, HSBC, A & L, Co-op and Amex. The loan is about 2 years old, the credit cards from between 2004 and last year. The last proper payment was last August and reduced payments from September to November, nothing since. All of the letters are coming from the companies themselves except the Halifax, which is sending Albion after us, and Amex which has Newmans on the case.
  12. Hi, My wife and I couldn't pay our non-priority debts since last August and my wife left me for a few months, with me paying her reduced payments for her. I have since gone bankrupt and therefore have bnot been able to make her payments. Does anyone know how long it is likely to be before her creditors start taking court action, and is there a way to prevent it? Should she start making reduced payments again?
  13. Google "first plus complaints" where you will find nearly a 1000 other first plus customers with plenty of experience dealing with these people.
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