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  1. hello ohh I am sorry i cant help you with this i do not know enough to advise but this reply will bump your thread back to the top so others more knowledgable will see it and perhaps advise you. I hope you have got something soreted out now and wish you all the best. Daisy
  2. Thank you dx I am more concerned as they have increased the balance and they have the wrong account number. I will ignore them. Thanks again
  3. hi It's been a while since I updated this thread, nothing happening, today got a letter from resolvecall threatening a doorstep visit and asking me to get in touch with the bank to arrange payment. The have quoted the wrong account number, in fact it's not even an account number. I kinow what the numbers are for, I use them quite often, what worries me is that the bank has given these details out, although they would need a password to go with them. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to handle this. Grateful thanks as always to everyone
  4. Hi This is what happened. Income eaten up by o/d and charges. O/d equall to charges. I worked this out myself and reclaimed but was refused. Opened another bank account and transferred everything out leaving o/d comprised wholly of charges behind. Bank demanded o/d back, all charges. Bank sent account to collections. As far as I know it's still with them. No dn received. I'l check my paperwork but I dont think a formal demand was sent until after I abandoned the account. Thanks
  5. Hi The overdraft is paid what's left is all charges which I refused to pay so I suppose I was in breach. No dn received. Thanks Ford
  6. Hi Yes that was what I was thinking, thanks for making that clear. No default notice was sent, and no letter after the o/d was set up. I will keep you informed of any developments. Thanks again
  7. Hi Ford Got there in the end, thanks for putting me staight. So stalemate at the moment then, am I right in thinking it would be difficult for the bank to introduce documents if they decided to take further action on this, and could be the reason they passed it around and offered a discount. I'm pretty sure I received nothing regarding the o/d at the time and nothing was signed, it was taken out with midland so I think it unlikely the bank would have kept the communication logs going that far back. Grateful thanks
  8. Hi Ford To clear up the confusion, my fault, my original sar made no mention of facility letter, my non compliance letter did, I think this is why the bank has said they do not have to send information not originally asked for. Your point about them sending everything because I asked for all information as well, leads me to believe they have nothing else to send me as the original facility letter should have been included in my sar, if they had one. They have not provided it. so I have no idea what the terms were at the time, I am 99 per cent sure I did not receive one at the time a
  9. Hi No you havn't misread or confused things, would it help if I uploaded the ico letter for you to read. I did ask for all information, the bank did say t&c were not personal information and did'nt have to be supplied. Perhaps it's me not explaining very well. I'm happy to upload it. I dont know if the bank has sent me everything they have, they do say they have complied, but I would have thought they would have the original application if nothing else.
  10. Hi Ford Understood, in that case perhaps the bank has nothing else to send as they have in previous letters stated they have complied with the dpa so it may not be worth sending another sar. All they have sent for this account is a few statements, a list of charges and a recent facility letter, nothing for the opening of account. Thank you, I value your opinions and always learn something new.
  11. Hi again Have just read s7 and s8 dpa and understand thank you. I adapted the template letter from here for the sar and asked for all data which was not limited to the following, copies of application forms credit agreements and t&c from inception. I did'nt use the words facility letter. I think the bank are just being awkward and messing about to be honest. The sar was sent in july 2010. Non compliance letter was sent in september 2010 Complaint to ico was sent october 2010 Reply not upholding complaint received may 2011 Letter received from metropolitan may 2011
  12. Oh forgot, I also made a cca request and the bank claimed part v exemption.
  13. Hi Ford Just to keep you up to date, I have already made a sar request for this account, I received a few statements but nothing more. I eventually reported them to the ico who did not uphold my complaint, the bank told them t&c were not personal information so did not have to supply them and the bank also wanted clarification on what exactly a facility letter is! I will go through the sar information again in case I missed anything, I received a huge box of stuff for a few accounts, I will let you know if I find anything, but I dont think I will. In the sar letter I sent I asked for
  14. Hi Ford That could be the reason then, the account originates from early nineties. Thanks
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