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  1. Hi A friend of mine has had an PPI refund offer from her Royal Bank of Scotland Credit Card, but they are refusing to pay her direct they have told her they will pay direct to the credit card balance. The credit card has never had a late payment always been up to date (lucky her) can they do this. Wuld appreciated some advise. Zara
  2. Subbing for futre reference....many thanks for all useful info.
  3. Hi I have tried to use the spreadsheet in the above post but cant seem to get it to calculate interest. I have entered Monthly Interest, Account Number, Name then go down to put first charge in and the interest and total box just says value, dont know what I'm doing wrong can anybody help please.
  4. Hi I have a friend who has a Debenhams Visa account. Started off as a debenhams store card, progressed to a Debenhams Visa aprox 2003 when she decided to take PPI howver was never advised about pre medical conditions(which she had) and she was self emplyed at the time. We have written to Santander to get SAR all they have sent is a list of tranactions and old store application, no sign of Insurance details which she has never recieved so not sure if the Insurance did cover Pre medical conditions and self emloyed. Should Santander have snet her a copy of Insurance Policy that wa
  5. Exactly what I meant citizenb, My filing system is like a bin full of rubbish letters from DCA. (Should have explained clearer , sorry...... Tried to click you and FB reputation star...doesnt do anything at this end...should it, thought maybe have to write something. You know your are all stars on here, deserve every bit of repu you can get. Have a good day. Cheers Zaraphin
  6. Cheers citizenb and Fred, I will treat their letter with the contempt it deserves.......bin it and ignore it. As you both point out its up to them to resolve this with BOS. Many thanks will kepp you all posted. Cheers Zaraphin
  7. Hi Fred Have you had any dealings with this company, I believe they were under investigation last year. Any ideas/tips on their underhanded motives. Regards Zaraphin
  8. Hi Peeps, Been a while since been on here, was a bit scared as a DCA implied that they had found my thread on CAG, so have been a bit warey, anyway an update on the preference account. Hadn't heard from BOS or any other DCA for months then...... Received Letter from 1st Credit saying this had been assigned to them and they now own it and want payment(Surely BOS wouldn't sell a debt if they thought they had a chance to recover it) I replied with Account in Dispute Letter. Yesterday received a letter from them stating that BOS have said they have no record of this dispute and
  9. Well Hillesden has raised their ugly faces once again, they have sent me a copy of the Application Form they call CCA They actually state in their letter "After reviewing the document we are happy that it complies with all regulations set out by the consumer credit act 1974. and "Please note that as the above account does not relate to a fixed term agreemnet the prescribed terms are not required to be on the face of the agreement" Can anybody confirm this..... The letter and application form links are below:- LETTER COPY CCA COPY TERMS & CONDITIONS (which
  10. Hi pennypenny Hopefu;lly you wont wait too long....my Daughter sent in another claim for one of her cards but they couldn't help as GE/Santander were not under FOS jurisdiction (they gort off lightly there as there was mega charges nearly £800) when charges were applied and we only waited 10 days for a reply. Hopefully you will get a more successful reply to your claim, as I would think if courts not dealing with it now then FOS should step in. Fingers. Toes and everything else crossed for you. Keep us posted Cheers Scott
  11. Hi pennypenny Its maybe worth a try to claim through FOS as there is a yes/no tick box on FOS form asking if you have taken court action. Also we found them extremely helpful over the phone, maybe an idea to ring them ask them. Also if they do say it is okay to go through FOS remeber to re-calculate interest charges as it seems sometime since you claimed this through the courts therefore more interest shall be due...don't let them away with one penny they have stole millions from people like you and me.
  12. Hi Sorry for butting in....but thought I would let you know my Daughter claimed Santander for her partners Burton account they claimed £635.00 including Interest from Santander, Santander offered £48.00 so they went to FOS and got back £658.00 abit more than they first requested. However they paid most of back into his card and they now have problems using the card (which they will do more carefully) when they go to spend in shop the shop nees to phone for a authorisation code, I suppose this them trying to make life difficult (how petty). Anyway what I am trying to say is Have you Clai
  13. Hi Subbing with great interest ......In the same boat as you with this type of account with BOS. Cheers SW
  14. Hi Coactum Absolutly Nothing.....Zilch......it has all gone quite on the Apex line of letters. Not quite sure what to expect but I am ready for them when they next raise their dirty heads. I have received three copies of a Pre-contractual Agreement form for my CCA requests and three different sets of Terms & Conditions so I wonder which one they shall be relying on in court. I suppose now with it allbeing quite they are pondering whether to go to court or not. The last letter we received again threatened court action as this was a duplicate of the letter they sent bef
  15. My thoughts entirely....BB. Maybe if both of us give wee wave they may identify themselves.....do you think. They have definately received my letter signed for on Royal Mail site so we shall just wait and see what their next dirty tactic is. Everybody have a great holiday weekend hopefully the weather keeps good. I am going to try and relax, chill out a bit and try and not let these b*****s get the better of me. I want to have a good read at this forum over the weekend also so maybe our guest will put in appearance or maybe not since its a bank holiday. Cheers Scot
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