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  1. Finally received cheque on wednesday Thanks for all your help, onwards and upwards with my next claim now. Still waiting for a reply to my SAR from my argos store card, even though the 40 days are up now.
  2. I am still waiting for the cheque to arrive It's been over a month now, I rang them last week so hopefully it will be here soon!
  3. Thanks Steven and good luck with NW. I am waiting for statements from my Argos storecard at the moment so there may be a few charges on there!!
  4. I have finally had a positive outcome from santander on this claim I received a letter last week offering charges in the last six years plus 8% interest which is less than I was asking for but am going to accept because this has been going on for years. The card only had a very small balance on it so they are going to send me the balance by cheque within 2 weeks, which I am still waiting for. Hopefully it will get here this week. Thanks for all your advice, it's took a while but I eventually got there. I'm going to go after Argos storecard charges next and will start a new thread when I get that one started.
  5. After over a year of not doing anything with this claim I have finally decided to go after it again. I read a couple of threads where people successfully claimed charges plus 8% interest off store cards now run by santander (it was G E Money when I started my original claim). I have sent a letter asking for all charges back plus 8% interest and am waiting for a reply. Does anyone know what my chances will be after already trying to claim before? I went for more interest last time so this claim is for less but the card is almost paid off now so anything will be a bonus. Also some of the charges are now over six years so will I get them or will they offer everything within six years?
  6. I rang the fos today which was a waste of time really, they said it is in a queue waiting for an adjudicator and it will take up to a year, well its been 9 months now. What about the ppi complaint helpline with the mortgage co, it wont ruin my chances if I give them a ring will it?? Should I tell them that I have already complained to the fos?
  7. Still nothing to report. I am tempted to ring the FOS and see whats going on but when you do it gives a recorded message saying how PPI claims are taking a long time as they have so many of them. I sent my initial claim in the first place to the broker who sold me the mortgage but when I looked on The Mortgage Business website who I have the mortgage with there is a PPI complaint helpline to ring, I wonder if I should give them a try or is it best to leave it? They are part of the halifax group. I am rapidly losing patience with the FOS!!!
  8. Does anyone have any idea how long the FOS take to look into these claims. I still haven't heard anything, they must be really busy to take this long:!:
  9. Hi, I haven't updated this one for a while because there hasn't been anything to update. My claim is still with the FOS which I submitted earlier this year. I did receive a reply from the FOS saying they would be looking into my claim but nothing since then. I think I am in for a very long wait, they did say they had a lot of PPI complaints so I will update when I hear anything else. Hopefully it will be this year but the way it's going I'm not so sure
  10. Right, I have finally got round to filling the FOS complaint form in and I am going to send it first thing monday. Do I need to write to the broker telling them I am doing this or just sit back and wait for the FOS to get back to me? It does say on their letter if they do not hear from me within eight weeks of the date of their letter that they will consider my complaint resolved by them so I've got a couple of weeks left.
  11. Hi, I would still really like some advice on this claim before I go any further. I dont know whether to start the claim again or tell them to pay up or I'll contact the court to reopen the claim, I am not even sure if I can do that, so please if anyone has any advice at all I would be really grateful, I just dont know what to do at all.
  12. Thanks DJ, They have now sent what seems to be their final response which is basically saying You are not getting a thing. It goes on about how the PPI was explained to us by our consultant and the document we received confirmed that the policy premium was being added to the mortgage balance and we signed our acceptance to this. It also says we confirmed we had no existing protection policies to cover us against redundancy, unemployment, sickness and accident. It was therefore confirmed by us as a high priority to take out the PPI. I only work 15 hours a week so I dont think I would be covered by it anyway, just my husband would. Where do I go from here?
  13. Can anyone offer any advice on what to do next, should I just wait for a reply and then complain to the FOS or answer their last letter which is telling me to provide written evidence. They said they will show my letters to the court if I don't supply the evidence.
  14. Hi, I had a claim against G E Money for charges on a Burtons Store Card which was put on hold by my local court pending the bank charges Test Case. That was last year and I haven't heard anything about it since. I have a thread which explains it all in the Store cards section: Penny v G.E. Money I would be grateful if anyone could have a look at it and offer some much needed advice cos I have been stuck with what to do with this for a while. Thanks, Penny.
  15. I have had a long think about what to do about this and I have decided to send a letter to G E Money asking them to refund the charges and if they won't I will contact the court and ask them to lift the stay, that is if it can be lifted. The only problem is what to write, I am not very good at letter writing. Has anyone got any ideas what to put? I will try to come up with something myself but I would be very grateful if anyone has any suggestions.
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