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  1. hello posted a topic about the above but when i get a reply to open this post just get a blank page and nowhere to give my reply i,ve rebooted my pc still the same no idea whats wrong and the answer to scotland part is yes to them all thanks
  2. Hi Back in Sept 19 was up in Perth and parked in multi car park when i left paid the fee to get out A few weeks later got a letter from smart parking demanding money because i hadn't paid a fee i told them i paid what was asked and sent them a copy of the receipt which they ignored and said i would have to appeal lost that no surprise there now getting letters from CST LAW telling me if i did,nt pay by 23rd Dec 20 they were going to recommend court proceedings ignored that one now have another letter before claim this has 30 days to pay then court proceedings again anyone got any advise thanks
  3. Hi Getting a bit confused with this he only died 6 weeks ago and he got a letter from Santander demanding payment a week after he died its for a credit card debt these DC letters must be for something else I thought it was for the same debt I,ll deal with Santander first then need to have a look at these other DC letters
  4. Hi all Sorry for being a bit late in replying but work away a lot looking at the DC letters they seem to pass them round lots of different names but the one that's after the debt is Santander so I think I,ll go down the Statute Barred route and send the letter to them direct hopefully get closure on this. Or should I just be blunt and say he,s dead and stop sending demands ?
  5. HI My sister in law asked me if I could deal with DC Letters that are addressed to her husband who is now deceased demanding payments for a long standing debt I know what I would like to say to them but as the debt was in his name only and as I said is now deceased the debt also goes back to 2010 and I have been assured it has never been acknowledged. Surely there must be something I could officially say to these DC to stop sending these demands for payment any help would be appreciated
  6. December and meter reader called one week before xmas:-o SP acknowledged meter reading i gave no increase in payment
  7. Hi I am having some problems with scottish power i switched suppliers the final account/bill i got from them they were asking for £400 I was paying by DD they asked for a meter reading i gave it and if i was using to much they adjusted my payments i do not understand how they say i owe them this amount i phone them they just keep repeating the same without explaining and won,t answer my e-mails. now getting threatening letters saying they are going to send DCA and contact credit ref and get me blacklisted if i don,t pay Has anyone else had this problem ? am i going to have to pay this even though i don,t think i,am in debt to them thanks
  8. Hi CCA Request on it,s way to shoo,s let you know if i get a reply. thanks
  9. Hi again (1) Cabot finance (2) Citi credit card. think Cabot first got in touch 2010. No PPI on it and sorry no idea what SAR/CCA request means Another letter arrived saying if she will pay off all the debt meaning one off payment they will reduce the amount due did,nt say by how much
  10. Hi Well the solicitors are called shoosmith (that sounds dodgy to start with ) It,s on her credit file card taken out in 2007 defaulted 2009 last payment was Feb 2011 she was late or missed payment to some DC and they sent a nasty letter saying no more payments they wanted the full amount( told them what to do with themselves) never heard anything for 2 yrs approx then got the odd demand from different DCs. now this new demand thats about the full picture thanks
  11. Hi Like I said in the thread its a credit card debt been ongoing for about 3 yrs now then started to get demands from DC now these solicitors making demands. As i,am not on the card I don,t think it,s right that they can stop the house sale if I wanted to sell it. that,s what I was curious about if they really could stop the sale. I,am not putting the house up for sale just wanting to know the legal bits that these solicitors are claiming they can do. thanks
  12. Hi My wife has a credit card debt approx £800 recently she had a letter from some solicitor saying they are starting court proceedings if she does not contact them to make an offer to pay in the letter they state that they will put an order on to stop selling the house till the debt is cleared. As the house is in joint names it seems i am being blamed as well what I would like to know is can they do this ? thanks
  13. Hi nothing exciting it was on credit card got into bother trying to repay By the time i got myself sorted debt was sold on to DC just refused to have any dealings with there like this is the first i,ve heard for about 2 yrs i had forgot all about it.
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