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  1. Any thoughts on this anyone. Do I need to do anything in response to their Defence to my counter claim? Help and comments really appreciated. Many thanks
  2. Earlier this week I received a response to my S78 request enclosing a copy of the agreement plus copy of the T&Cs. The T&Cs are not the right ones as they relate to Santander whilst at the time the agreement was raised GE Capital Bank were the people supplying the credit. I've now received a reply from Arrow in response to my counterclaim for the PPI and by way of service they have also sent me their Defence to counterclaim, Directions questionnaire and Notice of change of solicitor - so unfortunately things have moved on after the small glimmer of hope last weekend
  3. Good, that's what I thought. I shall keep my fingers crossed and start counting the days ...... I'll let you know what if anything happens next.
  4. Morning all. I've received a letter from the Court which if I've understood it correctly gives me a bit of hope that this matter will not progress. The letter which is a General Form of Judgment or Order and which lists Arrow as the Claimant and me as the Defendant (after a bit of blurb about the judge and which court etc says: Upon the Courts Own Initiative Is is Ordered that Unless the claimant do by 4pm on (a date in a few days time) pay the fee and file and serve the directions questionnaire the claim and defence to counterclaim be struck out without f
  5. Quick update. Have received nothing else from Court or other side since I returned the n180 on 5 Nov, 2 days before the deadline. I sent the other side a copy of it too. Surely the other side (original claimant) should have filed their defence to my counter claim by now. Am I right in thinking this? Also still not received any docs following my S 78 request apart from the letter from the claimant (details in earlier post) saying they don't consider themselves the creditor and saying they'd have a look for the docs, which is potentially good news I think
  6. OK. I've completed the N180 and ticked yes for mediation and asked for court closer to my home etc. I will send it off to the Court and a copy to the claimant also. Is this right?
  7. Andy - what do you think about the letter Arrow sent me (see post 25 and detailed below) Dear Mr X Arrow Global Ltd Account XXXXX ASSIGNED BY Santandericon (Account No xxxxx) We thank you for your letter dated xxx received on xxx and acknowledge your request for documentation pursuant to the consumer crediticon Act 1974. We do not accept that we are the creditor as envisaged by the above statute. However, we are willing to assist in obtaining that which has been requested. We will now process your request for documentation from the creditor and will revert in due course.
  8. Is it OK to reject the offer (contained in the documents from the Court) offering mediation, or will this go against me?
  9. and if they don't file an N180 is their claim struck out or does it just get stayed? Have I been sent the N180 because of the counter claim I've filed? I'm thinking this must be the case as I haven't received one with another claim I was involved in in the past - it just went quiet and I didn't hear anything else from the other side - I believe it is stayed
  10. Hi Andyorch No, no response from them regarding my counterclaim as yet. What happens if I don't return the N180?
  11. Hi Can anyone have a look at this for me please. Would really appreciate some help with this.
  12. What will happen if I don't return the N149A (see post 25 this thread)
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